PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

What follows are the subclasses from one class of the Manual of Classification for US patents. As you scroll through the list and encounter a class/subclass of interest, you can jump back to the top and retrieve patent titles by entering the class/subclass in the box below.

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Class Number: 295

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  1       WHEELS
  2       .With crank pin
  3       .Epicyclic
  4       .Rack rail
  5       .Attached gear
  6       .Counterbalance
  7       .Sound deadeners
  8       .Composite cast
  8.5     .Convertible road and rail
  9.1     .Moveable flange
  9.2     ..Moveable for road use
  10      .Loose tires
  11      .Tire cushions
  12      ..Pneumatic
  13      ..Wooden blocks
  14      ..Metallic springs
  15      .Tire fasteners
  16      ..By welding
  17      ..By casting
  18      ..Integral lugs
  19      ..Transverse keys
  20      ..Bolted lap flanges
  21      .Webs
  22      ..Sheet metal
  23      ...With filler
  24      ...With integral tire
  25      .Spokes
  26      ..Cast in
  27      .Integral cast
  28      ..Hollow webs
  29      .Wrought
  30      .Composition
  30.1    .Pneumatic tire wheel
  31.1    .Wheel tread
  32      ..Multiple rollers
  33      ..Multiple
  34      ..Form
  35      .Bushings
  36.1    AXLE
  37      .Sleeved and fixed wheels
  38      .Twin middle bearing
  39      .Coupling
  40      ..Bolted flange
  41      .Mine car
  42      ..Axle brackets
  42.1    .Outer axle or housing positioned about axle by roller or
            ball bearing
  42.2    .Specified end cap fastening means
  44      LOOSE WHEEL
  45      .Exterior hub groove
  46      ..Imposed rollerr
  47      .Axle groove
  48      ..Lock bolt
  49      .Axle end stop
  50      ..Linchpin