PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

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Class Number: 37
 Class Title: EXCAVATING

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  300     GRAVE DIGGER
  301     LAND CLEARER
  302     .Tree or stump remover
  303     .Stone remover
  197     .Process
  198     .Railway clearer
  199     ..With melter
  200     ...Heated plow
  201     ..Explosive
  202     ..Fluid current conveyor
  203     ..For clearing single rail of set
  204     ...Electrified rail
  205     ...Including rotary excavating tool
  206     ....And scraper blade
  207     ...Including means clearing side of, or groove in, rail
  208     ..With endless conveyor
  209     ..Having rotary excavating tool
  210     ...Plural rotary tools
  211     ....Diverse tools performing different stages of operation
  212     ....And V-shaped scraper blade
  213     ...Screw-type auger
  214     ..Having scraper blade
  215     ...Inclined plane with V-divider
  216     ....Having auxiliary blade or shiftable divider
  217     ...V-shaped
  218     ...Diagonal
  219     .Snow or ice surface groomer
  220     ..Including rut cutter
  221     ..Having diverse tools
  222     ...Including rotary tool
  223     ..Having rotary tool
  224     ...Compacting roller
  225     .With compressor die
  226     ..And heater
  227     .With melter
  228     ..Having heated transport chamber
  229     ...Electric or solar heat source
  230     ..Manually powered
  231     .With specific means to facilitate connection to, or
            disconnection from, vehicle
  232     .Vehicle mount with obstacle responsive trip, or yieldable tool
            (e.g., brush)
  233     ..Resilient impeller or blade
  234     .Including specific hydraulic control system to position
  235     .Vehicle mount including power lift
  236     ..Power means is hydraulically actuated piston
  237     .With endless conveyor
  238     ..And rotary excavating tool
  239     ..Multistage conveyorss
  240     ..Carrying excavating tool
  241     .Combined or convertible
  242     ..Rotary excavating tool
  243     ...Lawnmower
  244     .Motorized rotary excavating tool
  245     ..Tool arresting means responsive to sensed condition
  246     ..Electric motor drive
  247     ..Rotor shaft adjustable relative to direction of travel
  248     ..Diverse multistage rotary tools or tool portions (e.g.,
             feeding and throwing, etc.)
  249     ...Including screw-type auger for first stage
  250     ....Augers on separate shafts
  251     ....And centrifugal impeller for final stage
  252     .....Auger and impeller on single shaft
  253     ..Fed by scraper blade
  254     ...Including screw-type auger
  255     ....Augers on separate shafts
  256     ...Including centrifugal impeller
  257     ..Screw-type auger
  258     ...Having plural vane segments
  259     ..Centrifugal impeller
  260     ..Having specific flow guide
  261     ...Having motor powered adjustment
  262     ...Vane within chute controls flow path
  263     .Tool prepares wheel path for passage of wheel
  264     .Scoop
  265     ..Manually powered
  266     .Scraper blade
  267     ..Invertible
  268     ..Pulled (e.g., by horse or vehicle)
  269     ...V-shaped
  270     ..Mounted on surface contacting support or guide
  271     ...For adjusting height of blade
  272     ..V-shaped
  273     ...Adjustable or collapsible apex
  274     ...And auxiliary wing or extension
  275     ....Top flap
  276     ...Diverging forwardly
  277     ...Supported on inclined plane
  278     ...Manually powered
  279     ..Diagonally oriented
  280     ...Including side gate discharge preventer
  281     ...And auxiliary wing or extension
  282     ...Supported on inclined plane
  283     ...Adjustable about central vertical hinge
  284     ...Manually powered
  285     .Manually powered
  305     .Having endless digger or conveyor
  306     .Elevating wheel
  308     .With signal, scale, indicator, or inspection means
  309     .With means to control dredger operation (e.g., movement of
            dredged material) in response to sensed condition
  310     ..Swell compensator
  311     ..Suction relief valve
  312     ..Control of swing or swing speed
  313     .By use of submarine or undersea vessell
  314     .Adapted to excavate specific discrete material
  315     ..Shellfish
  316     ...Including rake or scoop structure
  317     .Suction
  318     ..Having intake screen
  319     ...And material size reducer (e.g., crusher)
  320     ..With pumping chamber
  321     ..With means to introduce lift agent directly into suction pipe
  322     ...With downstream directed jet nozzle
  323     ..With fluid jet digger adjacent suction inlet
  324     ..Including driven digger adjacent suction inlet (e.g.,
             cutterhead dredger)
  325     ...With specific bearing, or means to lubricate or seal
  326     ...Rotary
  329     ....Axis transverse with respect to suction pipe
  330     ....Axis vertical with respect to surface of body of water
  331     ....Axis longitudinal with respect to suction pipe
  327     ....Specific cutterhead structure
  328     .....Including distinct tooth or tooth mounting
  332     ...Endless
  333     ..Draghead dredger (e.g., dustpan dredger)
  334     ..With pipe suspension or support (e.g., ladder structure)
  335     ..Pipe or nozzle structure
  336     ...With coupling (e.g., connector)
  337     .Rotary digger (e.g., bucket wheel)
  338     .Endless
  339     ..Specific bucket structure
  340     .Grab
  341     .Scoop or bucket
  342     .With means to scour or scrape (e.g., propeller means, digging
            teeth, plow)
  343     ..Rotary digging element
  344     ..Nozzle
  345     .With vessel, propulsion, or anchor structure (e.g., bank spud,
            spud brace)
  346     ..Bottom spud anchor
  347     DITCHER
  348     .Condition responsive
  349     .With crumber
  350     .Having screw digger
  351     ..With conveyor
  352     .Having endless digger
  353     ..Endless bucket
  354     ...Transverse cut
  355     ...Longitudinal cut
  356     ....With side cutters
  357     ....With distinct rotary digger
  358     ....Reciprocating endless digger
  359     ....With longitudinal endless conveyor
  360     ....With transverse endless conveyor
  361     .....Drive-related feature
  362     ....Drive-related feature
  363     ....Hand operated
  364     .With side or auxiliary cutter
  365     ..Rotary
  91      .Wheel excavator
  92      ..Longitudinal axis
  93      ...Conveyorr
  94      ..Transverse axis
  95      ...Conveyor
  96      ....Longitudinal endless
  97      ....Transverse endless
  366     .Plow
  367     ..Slit ditcher
  368     ...Including longitudinal endless conveyor
  369     ....And transverse endless conveyor
  370     ..Mole plow
  372     ..With plow supported wheel or supported on wheel frame
  373     ..With conveyor
  374     ...Wheel and belt
  375     ...Longitudinal endless conveyor
  376     ....And transverse endless conveyor
  377     .....With colter
  378     ..With colter
  379     .Shovel or scoop
  380     ..Slit ditcher
  105     .Side former
  106     ..Scoop
  107     ...Endless conveyor
  382     .Condition responsive
  383     .Including ground supported, grader guiding rail
  384     ..Adjustable digger
  385     ...Rotary digger
  386     .Rotary digger
  387     ..Adjustable
  388     .Transverse endless digger
  389     .Plow with transverse endless conveyor
  390     ..Disc plow
  391     .Plow with transverse conveyor wheel
  392     ..And endless conveyor
  393     .Plow with inclined axis conveyor wheel
  395     .Boom-type
  396     ..Including means to control digging, hoisting, and dumping
  397     ..Including mounting or support structure (e.g., boom support,
             sheave or pulley support)
  398     .Scoop or bucket
  399     ..Including support or mounting device (e.g., hitch, shackle,
             lifting or dumping trunion)
  400     .Trolley-supported
  401     ..Including cable or rope control means to facilitate loading,
             transporting, or dumping
  468     .Having quick-connect coupling
  404     .Combined with subsoiler
  405     .Combined with fork or rake
  406     .Combined with clamp, grapple, or shear
  407     .With scraper
  408     ..Integrally mounted to a tool body and independently usable by
             re- positioning the tool body
  409     ..Multicomponent tool (e.g., scoop or bucket) convertible by
             relative movement of tool parts
  410     ..Separate tools simultaneously mounted and independently
  413     .With alarm, indicator, signal, or inspection means
  412     .Supported on vehicle between longitudinally spaced ground
  414     ..Condition responsive or programmable means controls the
             excavating operation
  415     ...Control of attitude or depth of cut
  416     ...Control of scoop component (e.g., elevator, apron, or
  417     ..With specific suspension or means to steer or facilitate
             mounting of implement on vehicle
  418     ..With tandem or plural scoops or compartments
  419     ..With means to aid loading or load distribution
  420     ...By auger
  421     ...By digging movement of apron
  422     ...By endless conveyor
  423     ....With particular conveyor feature including drive means
  424     ..With coaction between apron or elevator and bowl
  425     ...Actuated by fluid means
  426     ..With coaction between apron or elevator and ejector
  427     ..With significant bowl structure or manipulation
  428     ...Actuated by fluid means
  429     ..With significant apron structure or manipulation
  430     ...Actuated by fluid means
  431     ..With particular unloading feature
  432     ...Rear unloading
  433     ...Revolving-type
  435     .Mounted rearwardly of vehicle
  467     ..Handled or hand operated
  436     ..Bowl operatively connected to wheel axle
  437     ...Including rear unloading
  438     ....Actuated by fluid means
  439     ...With caster wheel or shoe
  440     ...Lever and latch mechanism
  441     ..Dumping runner or revolving-type
  434     .Manually operated (e.g., two-wheel barrow)
  442     .Pushed forwardly of vehicle for filling
  443     .Dipper-type (e.g., backhoe bucket)
  444     .Scoop or bucket structure, per se
  445     ..Including door structure or operator
  446     DIGGING EDGE
  447     .Oscillating or reciprocating
  448     .Corner guard (e.g., corner tooth)
  449     .Repositionable digging edge (e.g., reversible)
  450     .Removable digging edge having integral tooth adaptor
  451     .Distinct wear element mounted between teeth
  452     .Tooth or adaptor
  453     ..Having wear cap
  454     ..Repositionable or replaceable tooth (e.g., reversible)
  455     ..Mounting or retaining means
  456     ...Including pin or key
  457     ....Having resilient elastomeric element
  458     ....Having resilient metallic element
  459     .....Wire or rod formed
  460     .Specific material (e.g., specialty steel, heat treatment of
            material, specific hardness test)
  142.5   DITCH FILLER
  184     .Common pivot
  185     ..Crossed lever
  186     .Contiguous pivots
  187     .Spaced pivots
  188     .Link-connected
  190     .Endless conveyor
  463     .With endless conveyor
  464     ..Having nonbucket-type digging means
  465     .Digging chain, bucket, blade, or tooth structure, per se
  195     PROCESSES
  *       *****************************
  *       *****************************
  901     Bucket cleaners
  902     Hydraulic motors
  903     Scoop or scraper attachments
  904     Vibration means for excavating tool
  905     Nondredge excavating by fluid contact or explosion
  906     Visual aids and indicators for excavating tool
  907     Automatic leveling excavators
  908     Canal cleaners