PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

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Class Number: 449
 Class Title: BEE CULTURE

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  1       METHOD
  2       .Honeybee
  3       HIVE
  4       .For nonhoney producing bee
  5       .With provision to extract honey
  6       .Observation
  7       .Multi-queen; e.g., swarm capture
  8       ..Queen raising
  9       .With feeder
  10      ..Fitted in frame slot
  11      ..Having external food supply
  12      .With heater
  13      .With ventilator
  14      ..In cover
  15      .Cover
  16      .Alighting board
  17      .Comb honey
  18      .Having propolis collector
  19      .Having pollen collector or applier
  20      .Passage
  21      ..Queen/drone control means
  22      ..Moth control means
  23      ..One-way passage
  24      ..Adjustable
  25      ...Entrance
  26      .Stand or hive container
  27      .Transportation provision or swarm catcher
  28      ..Queen bee
  29      .Hive shell of particular material
  30      ..Plastic or paper
  31      ..Ceramic, clay or plaster
  32      .Vertically stacked hive bodies
  33      ..Directly accessible lower body
  34      ..Congruent bodies
  35      .Separable honey frame type
  36      ..Pivoted honey frame
  37      ..With honey frame spacer
  38      ..Side opening hive
  39      ...Pivoting side
  40      ....Vertical pivot
  41      ..Laterally disposed compartments
  42      ..Honey frame or honeycomb foundation details
  43      ...Snap fit together or of plastic
  44      ...Honeycomb foundation details
  45      ....Strand or metal reinforced honeycomb foundation
  46      .Side opening
  48      FEEDER
  51      .Means to remove honey frame from hive
  52      .Means to remove bees from hivee
  53      .Honey extraction device
  54      .Honeycomb decapping device
  55      ..Having heater
  56      .Hive or frame cleaning
  57      .Assembling device
  58      ..Honeycomb foundation
  59      ...Honeycomb foundation wiring
  60      .Honeycomb foundation former
  62      .Plier type
  63      .Honeycomb decapping device
  64      .Hive body separating device