PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

What follows are the subclasses from one class of the Manual of Classification for US patents. As you scroll through the list and encounter a class/subclass of interest, you can jump back to the top and retrieve patent titles by entering the class/subclass in the box below.

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Class Number: 69

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  1       MACHINES
  1.5     .Belt-stretching
  3       .Horse collar shaping
  4       .Horse collar stuffing
  17      .Strap-finishing
  2       .Cutting and/or impressing
  6       .Rounding
  6.5     .Roughing
  7       .Seam-pressing
  7.3     .Pounding
  7.5     .Searing
  7.7     .Edge-finishing
  8       .Forming and pressing
  9       .Skiving or splitting
  9.1     ..Evening and grading
  9.3     ..Combined or plural diverse
  9.5     ..Rotary tubular knife
  10      ..Belt knife
  16      ..Rotary disk knife
  15      ..Reciprocating knife
  11      ..Fixed knife
  12      ...Reciprocating feed
  13      ...Roller feed
  23      .Fur treatment
  24      ..Coarse hair-removing
  25      ...Clipping
  26      ...Plucking
  27      ..Fur-orienting or smoothing
  28      ..With fluid
  29      .Fluid-treating apparatus
  30      ..Rotary drum
  31      ..Liquor agitation
  32      ..With hide, skin or leather moving means
  33      .Hide folding, flexing, suppling or crumpling
  34      ..Staking
  35      ..Boarding
  36      .Band-type knife
  37      .Rotary tool
  38      ..With tool grinder or cleaner
  39      ..Rotating about vertical axis, horizontal work support
  40      ..With additional translating motion during treatment
  41      ..Belt-type work support
  42      ..Cylinder work support
  43      ...Smooth roll only
  44      ..Moving work support
  45      .Pivoted tool
  46      .Translating tool
  47      .Moving work support
  48      .Presses
  19.1    .Stretcher
  19.2    ..Cased hide or skin typee
  19.3    ..With adjustable tensioning means
  20      TOOLS
  21      PROCESSES
  21.5    .Skiving or splitting
  22      .Fur