PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

PTO Manual of Classification for US patents

What follows are the subclasses from one class of the Manual of Classification for US patents. As you scroll through the list and encounter a class/subclass of interest, you can jump back to the top and retrieve patent titles by entering the class/subclass in the box below.

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Class Number: 87

Subclass  Subclass
Number    Title

  1       .Coated or impregnated
  2       .Elastic
  3       .Intertwisted strands
  4       ..Twist or bobbinet lace
  5       .With material incorporated in diverse ways
  6       ..Tubular fabric with core
  7       ..Braided with unbraided material
  8       .Braided
  9       ..Tubular
  10      ..Lace
  11      ..Variable form
  12      .Knotted mesh
  13      .Miscellaneous
  *       APPARATUS
  14      .With pattern mechanism
  15      ..With electric or fluid operated means
  16      ..For braiding apparatus with movable switch for carrier
  17      ..For braiding apparatus of arrestable carrier type
  18      .With stopping or starting
  19      ..Electrical
  20      .With automatic control
  21      ..Let offs
  22      ...Ratchet type
  23      .With coating or impregnating
  24      .Intertwisted strand type
  25      ..Portable
  26      ...With diverse material incorporating
  27      ..Twist or bobbinet lace
  28      .With diverse material incorporating
  29      ..Tubular fabric with core
  30      ..Braided with unbraided material
  31      .With take up
  32      .Combined
  33      .Braiding
  34      ..With mandrel or form
  35      ..With die or shaper
  36      ..With beater or strand layer
  37      ..With movable switch for carrier
  38      ...Carrier actuated
  39      ..Arrestable carrier type
  40      ...With clutch
  41      ..With braid variation
  42      ..Interlocking twist type
  43      ..With reciprocating carrier
  44      ..Concentric circular orbit type
  45      ...Rack and gear carrier propellers
  46      ...Intermittently retractible carrier propellers
  47      ....Rotating
  48      ...Strand deflecting devices
  49      ..With strand anti-twist means
  50      ..Carrier propelling and/or guiding meanss
  51      ...Without race plate
  52      .Tatting
  53      .Knotted mesh fabric
  54      .Shuttles, carriages and/or threading and loading or unloading
  55      ..Braiding carriers
  56      ...With strand tensioning means
  57      ....Let offs
  58      ..Tatting type
  59      ...With rewinding means
  60      ..Seine needles
  61      .Strand tensioners
  62      .Miscellaneous