Paul Green Foundation

Nurturing the arts and supporting human rights

Contact Information

The Paul Green Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2624
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
Phone: Nine one nine, nine four two, six four three four

Mission Statement

The Paul Green Foundation exists to advance the ideals of human rights to which Paul Green was committed; to own, preserve, and promote his literary works; and to encourage dramatic art with special emphasis on symphonic outdoor drama. The Foundation makes modest Arts and Human Rights grants and awards to nonprofit organizations.

Board of Trustees

President: James W. Clark, Jr.
Vice President: Scott J. Parker
Secretary: Paul M. Green
Treasurer: Laurence G. Avery

Members at Large

Michael Hardy
Reginald F. Hildebrand
Betsy G. Moyer
Mark R. Sumner


Margaret D. Bauer
Charles Blackburn, Jr.
Tim Carter
Byrd G. Cornwell
James Exum, Jr.
Jaki Shelton Green
Paul E. Green, Jr.
Malcolm R. "Tye" Hunter
Fred Jerome
Robert Long
Calvin Alexander Ramsey
Shelby Stephenson
Laura Weeldreyer
Samm-Art Williams


Marsha Warren, Executive Director

Former Trustees - In Memoriam