North Carolina Freedom Monument Park

North Carolina Freedom Monument Park

Established as a program of the Paul Green Foundation in 2001, the project was launched as a separate 501(c)(3) in 2004.

The VISION of the North Carolina Freedom Monument Park is to create and strengthen bonds among diverse people, to educate and enhance mutual understanding, and to serve as a model of cooperation, respect and common values.

The MISSION is to build a public art park in the center of the North Carolina’s State Capital to tell visitors young and old the story of freedom through the African American experience, and celebrate the struggle for freedom by all people.

The Freedom Monument Park will be located on the corners of Wilmington and Lane Streets in Raleigh, North Carolina behind Archives and History/State Library and across the street from the North Carolina Legislative Building in easy access to the thousands of school children who come from all over the State each year in their study of North Carolina history.

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