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Permaculture is a system of applied design for the creation of sustainable human habitat.
Click here for the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word 'permaculture'.

  Some good examples of permaculture

Welcome to the alt.permaculture website, a collaborative effort by subscribers of the alt.permaculture newsgroup, which commenced in October 1999.

Here you will find a wealth of practical information on permaculture, self-sufficiency, organic farming and gardening, alternative energy. The emphasis is on practical, positive steps we can all take to improve our world.

We hope you'll like the site, and that you'll drop in on the newsgroup...

You are invited to contribute, whether you partake in the newsgroup or not. You can mail text (html or text format) and/or images to the page maintainers (see bottom of page).

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FAQs Frequently asked questions
about the alt.permaculture newsgroup and Permaculture in general
Reference DeskReference Desk
ArticlesArticles written by alt.permaculture subscribers on their own particular fields of interest, with links to relevant resources and/or their own sites
PicturesUpload/view docs & pics: Practical info, pictures / photographs
ProfilesSelf-written profiles of anyone who's into it
Book reviewsBook reviews and essential reading on permaculture
xxxPlant species profiles
xxxAnimal species profiles
Permaculture linksLinks to other Permaculture websites
xxxLinks to anything remotely related to permaculture

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Reference Desk:

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Latest updates/changes

  Some good examples of permaculture (Feb 2002)
  List of trees and shrubs (cool temperate) (Feb 2002)
  Profiles section (Oct 2001)

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