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Please Understand Me, An Essay on Temperament Styles, by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. Prometheus Nemesis Book Company, P.O. Box 2748, Del Mar, CA 92014 (619-632-1575).

One of the more widely known books describing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It includes a self-test (many do not consider it to be as good as the "real" MBTI test).

Portraits of Temperament, David Keirsey. Prometheus Nemesis Book Company, P.O. Box 2748, Del Mar, CA 92014 (619-632-1575), 1987.
Gifts Differing, Isabel Briggs-Myers (with Peter Myers). CPP, Inc., 1980 ISBN 0-89106-011-1 (pb) 0-89106-015-4 (hb).

A good bridge between Jung and PUM, but no self-test included.

Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, by Isabel Briggs-Myers and Mary H. McCaulley. Consulting Psychologists Press, 1985.
LifeTypes, by Sandra Hirsh and Jean Kummerow, ISBN 0-446-38823-8 USA and ISBN 0-446-38824-6 Canada. Warner Books, Inc., 1989.
Facing Your Type, George J. Schemel and James A. Borbely. Published by Typofile Press, Church Road, Box 223, Wernersville, PA 19565.
Type Talk. Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen. Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. (Tilden Press also mentioned.) ISBN 0-385-29828-59.

An easy-to-read book that gives profiles for all sixteen personality types.

Type Talk at Work. Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen. ISBN 0-385-30174-X.
Type Watch. Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen.
The Leadership Equation. Lee Barr and Norma Barr. Eaking Press, Austin, Texas. 1989.
Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Organizations. Sandra Krebs Hirsh. Consulting Psychological Press, Inc., Palo Alto, CA. 1985.
People Types and Tiger Stripes. Gordon Lawrence. Available from Center for Application of Psychological Type, Gainesville, Florida. ISBN 0-935652-08-6.

This book is written primarily to help teachers counsel students, but it applicable for other related uses.

Working Together. Olaf Isachsen and Linda Berens. New World Management Press, Coronado, CA. 1988.
From Image to Likeness -- A Jungian Path in the Gospel Journey, W. Harold Grant, Magdala Thompson and Thomas E. Clarke. Paulist Press, 545 Island Road, Ramsey, NJ 07446. ISBN: 0-8091-2552-8, 1983. This book deals with people's spiritual growth vis a vis personality types.
Prayer and Temperament, by Michael and Norrisey. Other bibliographic information not known at present.
Personality Types and Religious Leadership, by Oswald and Kroeger. Available from the Alban Institute, 4125 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 20016. Phone -- 1-800-457-2674. Other bibliographic information not known at present.
Psychological Types, C.G. Jung, H.G. Baynes (translator). Bollingen Series, Princeton U.P., 1971 ISBN 0-691-01813-8 (pb) 0-691-09770-4 (hb).

This book (originally written in the early 1920's) inspired Briggs & Myers to create the MBTI test. If you've only read Please Understand Me, then you'll have some trouble making the correlation.

An Introduction To Theories of Personality, B.R. Hergenhahn. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1990.
An Empirical Investigation of the Jungian Typology, by Leon Gorlow, Norman R. Simonson, and Herbert Krauss. In Theories of Personality, Primary Sources and Research, editors: Gardner Lindzey, Calvin S. Hall, Martin Manosevitz, Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company, Florida, 1988.
The Measurement of Learning Style: A Critique of Four Assessment Tools, Timothy J. Sewall, University of Wisconsin, 1986.
Dichotomies of the Mind: A System Science Model of the Mind and Personality, Walter Lowen (with Lawrence Miike). John Wiley, 1982 ISBN 0-471-08331-3.

A bizarre, but intriguing attempt to "correct" the MBTI's inherently 'F' focus to a 'hyper-T' perspective.


The Type Reporter. Susan Scanlon, Editor. For Subscription information, mail to: 524 North Paxton Street, Alexandria, VA 22304. (703) 823-3730.

It comes out roughly 8 times a year, and costs $16 for a year's subscription; I've found it worth the money. Recent topics include "Mistakes When Teaching Type", "Spending and Saving", and "Making Love".

Journal of Psychological Type. The official research journal of the Association for Psychological Type, 9140 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114.

One of the few outlets for research on the MBTI as 'real' personality psychologists usually don't publish on it.

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY). Has lists of references to articles in peer-reviewed journals in which the MBTI test is used. An excellent review of MBTI is given by Anthony DeVito in the 9th MMY, and two additional reviews in the 10th MMY. The recently published 11th MMY does not include these. The MMY are available in the reference section of most college and university libraries.