The Keirsey Sorter is GONE!

May, 1997

I've been asked by the author of the sorter, David Keirsey, to remove this test, so I've done so. I'm sorry that I had to- it was my first real attempt at CGI programming in perl, and it was quite popular. The test was available starting in 1994, and was taken down in 1997.

You can still read about personality at and get the source code to the program I wrote to administer the test.

August, 2001

The Keirsey version of the test has gone commercial. There's a free web-based version of a Meyer's-Briggs sort of personality test available here.

November, 2001: A new plan

I'm hoping to write a new set of questions for Meyers-Briggs-like personality testing. It's on my list of fun stuff to do, anyway. When it's done, they'll be available under an open-source-like license, like the software. Others will be able to use it for their own projects. If you're interested in helping with this project, Contact Me.

December, 2001

The personality information archive I linked to above is ancient and pretty useless (much of it has been deleted as it was of questionable copyright ownership). A much better site on these topics has been developed- The Personality Project.

The original archive was culled from postings to alt.psychology.personality newsgroup back in 1994. The newsgroup was good (probably still is, but I haven't read it in a long time.). if you want to check it out, it's been archived..