07/01 Mon. Navy awards contracts for 44 vessels.  
           Headquarters, Marine Corps Air Wing, is established in San  
           Diego, Calif. 
07/02 Tue. Export Control Act is passed.  The President may, whenever he  
           deems "necessary in the interest of national defense,"  
           prohibit or curtail the exportation of military equipment,  
           munitions, tools, materials, etc. 
07/03 Wed. British attack and damage naval vessels at Oran and Mers-el- 
           Kebir, and seize French men-of-war in British ports. 
07/05 Fri. President invokes the Export Control Act against Japan by  
           prohibiting exportation, without license, of strategic  
           minerals and chemicals, aircraft engines, parts, and  
           France breaks off diplomatic relations with Great Britain. 
07/10 Wed. Battle of Britain begins with first concentrated air attack. 
07/11 Thu. Frank Knox of Illinois takes office as Secretary of the Navy. 
07/19 Fri. President signs Naval Expansion Act providing, among other  
           things, for 1,325,000 tons of combatant shipping, 100,000  
           tons of auxiliary shipping, and 15,000 aircraft; this "Two  
           Ocean Navy" act will expand the Fleet 70 percent. 
07/26 Fri. President invokes the Export Control Act and prohibits  
           exportation, without license, of aviation gasoline and  
           certain classes of iron and steel scrap; this halts flow to  
07/30 Tue. Act of Havana calling for unified action is signed by 21  
           nations at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the  
           American Republics.