House Resolution No. 425


[Submitted by Mr. Jarman]


February 23, 1944.

Resolved, That the manuscript entitled "Chronology of Major International Events, With the Ostensible Reasons Advanced for Their Occurrence," prepared by the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, be printed as a House document.

Attest: SOUTH TRIMBLE, Clerk.




For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office.

Washington 25, D.C. Price 50 cents.



The events leading up to the outbreak of the war and the subsequent American entry into it are of an importance and interest so great that it is difficult to exaggerate The chronicle of the inexorable march of aggression after 1931 and the failure of efforts to curb it illuminate the problems of a secure peace in the future as no mere formal argument or debate could ever do. On the other hand, events since December 7, 1941, presents picture of increasingly cooperative effort on the part of those governments which look toward a civilized world at the war's conclusion.

As a whole, the chronology was conceived as a working outline of the period and events covered It obviously cannot pretend to be complete or historically definitive. Such completeness and authoritativeness must await the opening of government archives in the indefinite future. Nor should it be considered in whole or in part to represent the official views of the United States Government. The inclusion of any item or statement cited to any source other than an official American publication does not imply endorsement or approval of such item or statement by the Government of the United States or by any official thereof.

As chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, I am more than pleased that the Committee on Printing and the Congress as a whole has seen fit to approve the publication of this chronology. The work itself is a product of the Legislative Reference Service The chronology prior to December 7, 1941, was the work of Miss Marle Klooz and Miss Evelyn Wiley, under the general direction of Mr. Richard A Humphrey. Mr Humphrey, assisted by Miss Evelyn Wiley, prepared the subsequent chronology. The index was the work of Dr. A. O. Sarkissian. The assistance of Gen. Walter D. Smith and Capt Merlyn Cook, U. S. N., in the recommendation of military events for inclusion is gratefully acknowledged.


Sol Bloom

Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs.