Department of State Bulletin, vol. III, p. 136


Declaration of Reciprocal Assistance anal Cooperation for the Defense Of the Nations of the Americas, Habana, July 30, 1940


The Second Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics







That any attempt on the part of a non‑American State against the integrity or inviolability of the territory, the sovereignty or the po­litical independence of an American State shall be considered as an act of aggression against the States which sign this declaration.

In case acts of aggression are committed or should there be reason to believe that an act of aggression is being prepared by a non‑Ameri­can nation against the integrity or inviolability of the territory, the sovereign or the political independence of an American nation, the nations signatory to the present declaration will consult among them­selves in order to agree upon the measure it may be advisable to take.

All the signatory nations, or two or more of them, according to circumstances, shall proceed to negotiate the necessary complementary agreements so as to organize cooperation for defense and the assist­ance that they shall lend each other in the event of aggressions such as those referred to in this declaration.