NOV. 28, 1941.
Action: 12.

Reference urdis 270040 and 270038, Wright now at Wake to discharge ground crews and material to operate one squadron of Marine planes. It proceeds afterwards to Midway to land similar items. Arrangements have already been made to send each of those places essential ground material for temporary operation of 12 B-17 Army bombers, to leave Pearl about Dec. 1st, but at present only 6 such planes of the 12 on Oahu are in operating condition. An acute shortage of Army bombs precludes any shipments to outlying bases but Navy bombs are now available there. These may be used by the Army with minor alterations. Usefulness of Army pursuit planes for insular defense is radically limited by their doubtful capability of operating over 20 miles offshore. Their use is possible but inability to land on carrier freezes them to island were landed, and flexibility dispositions is thereby curtailed. Additional anti-aircraft guns needed this area for Army & Marine defense battalions. Consider use of Army troop reinforcements for outlying bases inadvisable as long as Marines are available but plans are being made for such use of Army troops. All outlying forces must be exclusively under Navy command, 12 Marine fighters leave Nov. 28 in carrier for Wake. Expect send other Marine planes to Midway later. On Dec. 1st sending 12 patrol planes to Wake from Midway, and replacing those at Midway from Pearl. The feasibility and advisability of relieving Marine planes with Army pursuits will be investigated more thoroughly.

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