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                                                          16 MARCH 1944.

From: Vice Admiral P. N. L. Bellinger, U. S. Navy.
To: Admiral Thomas C. Hart, U. S. Navy, Retired, Examining Officer.
Subject: Verification of testimony given by Vice Admiral P. N. L.
         Bellinger, U. S. Navy, before an examination re Japanese attack
         on Pearl Harbor, T. H., on 7 December 1941, ordered by SecNav
         Confidential Precept dated 12 February 1944.
Enclosure: (A) Transcript of testimony.

1. Transcript of my testimony before you on 15 March 1944 is returned here with.

2. I hereby state under oath, the oath given me at said examination recognized as still being binding, that I have read said testimony and pronounce it correct.

                                                     P. N. L. BELLINGER.

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