NAVY DEPARTMENT,
                                       Washington, D. C., 22 March 1944.

From: Admiral Thomas C. Hart, U. S. Navy, Retired, Examining Officer.
To: Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, U. S. Navy, Retired.
Subject: Examination of witnesses for purpose of recording and
         preserving testimony pertinent to the Japanese attack on Pearl
         Harbor, T. H., on 7 December 1941.
    (a) Precept for subject examination, dated 12 February 1944.
    (b) Examining officer's ltr. of 17 February 1944, addressed to Rear
        Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, U. S. Navy, Retired.

1. You are hereby notified that the examination convened by reference (a) will adjourn its meetings in Washington, D. C., for the present, on 23 March 1944 and will depart from that City on or about 27 March 1944 for the purpose of recording the testimony of additional members of the naval forces now stationed elsewhere.

2. As the exact locations where these witnesses will be found, as well as the times and places where meetings will be held while away from Washington, D. C., cannot be now known, I shall be unable to write you as to the time and place of such meetings.

                                                       /s/ Thos. C. Hart
                                                           THOS. C. HART

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