U. S. S. IOWA, 6 April 1941.

From: Captain John L. McCrea, U. S. Navy.
To: Admiral Thomas C. Hart, USN (Ret), examining officer.
Subject: Examination to record and preserve testimony pertinent to the
         Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, ordered by
         Secretary of the Navy's confidential precept dated 12 February
Inclosure. (A) Record of testimony given by Captain John E. McCrea, U.
           S. Navy, on April 6, 1944, the twenty-third day of subject

1. Inclosure (A) is returned herewith. Recognizing that the oath given me on the twenty-third day of subject examination is still binding, I hereby state I have read over the testimony given by me on the twenty-third day of said examination and pronounce it correct.

                                                           J. L. MCCREA.

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