From: PHA, Proceedings of the Clarke Investigation, Pt. 34, pp. 190-98.

Exhibit No.23

[Hand written:] Copy of Capt. Safford's digest, with
missing numbers supplied:
1 copy to Safford.
1 copy to Corderman.


Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor.


#Mar. 13 A _____ 15306 Hsinking #58 Foreign PropagandaConference.
#Mar. 13 N 1472 15351 Tokyo 216 Japanese-Russian Cooperation.
#Mar. 13 A 1479 15330 Tokyo 222 Get the Russians to accept the Ribbentrop proposal.
Mar. 14 A _____ 15341 &
Hsinking #59 Propaganda towards the South Seas.
Mar. 18 A 1540 15425 Tokyo 126 Put Terazaki in charge ofinformation and propaganda.
#Mar. 18 A _____ 15421 Tokyo 276 Southern Advance.
#Mar. 19 A 1572 15455 Moscow #5 German-Soviet Relations: change in.
*Mar. 21 A _____ 15550 to
Tokyo #40 Trade-agreement between Japan and USSR.
**Mar. 22 A _____ _____ _____ SIS Memorandum predicting German attack on Russia. (Memo not available.) Given to State Dept.
#Mar. 22 A 1654 15621 Tokyo #81 Secure intelligences by bribe.
#Mar. 25 N 1662 15656 Tokyo 286 Dinner with AdmiralRaeder.
*Mar. 29 A 1748 15749 Berlin 308 Germany plans to attack Russia. It is necessary for Japan to attack Singapore.

APRIL 1941

#Apr. 3 A 1806 15900 Berlin #56 German preparations for war with Russia.
#Apr. 4 A 1826 15936 do do
#Apr. 3 N 1829 15945 Batavia 142 Military campaign in the lowlands.
Apr. 5 N 1842 15976 Honolulu #43 Typical Honolulu Spy Report.
*Apr. 18 N 2066 16409 Wash. 230 "As a result of the Japanese-Soviet Neutrality Pact, Japan is at last free to use force in this area (Southwest Pacific)."
#Apr. 19 N 2099 16455 Tokyo 171 "Our Southward Move would be halted."
#Apr. 29 A 2251 16741 Wash. 253 "It is truly a marvelous thing that-our relations with Moscow have been adjusted."
*Apr. 30 N ____ _____ GZ-32 Early intentions of Germany to attack Russia.

***Most Important.
**Very Important.
Unmarked - Normal.

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.


May 1941

#May 9 N 2452 17089 Tokyo 202 "I am most anxious to see the United States discontinue its policy of aiding Chiang Kai-shek."
#May 13 A 2509 17161 Tokyo 396 "Advise the President to counsel Chiang Kai-shek to respond to Japanese peace overtures."
#May 13 N 2513 17263 Tokyo 216 Transmit #217 to the Secretary of State without delay. (Precedent for Tokyo #901 and & 902, 6 Dec. 1941.)
#May 13 NQ 2514 17264 Tokyo 217 The U.S. Govt. agree to advise Chiang Kai-shek to enter into direct negotiations with Japan.
#May 15 N 2549 17272 Wash. 299 Japan has absolutely no aggressive ambitions in the southern area. (!).
#May 16 N 2562 17305 Tokyo 230 Our request that the United States stay out of the war.
#May 21 N 2619 17423 Wash. 320 Japanese southward expansion.
**May 22 N 2643 17473 Berlin 569 "Our dreams of southward expansion..."
"To further bolster the spirit of the Tripartite Pact."
May 26 A 2675 17536 Tokyo 440 Wire real intentions of the German Govt.

JUNE 1941

#June 3 A 2791 17741 Rome The German Govt. has recently completed all preparations for attacking Soviet Russia.
#June 14 N ____ _____ GZ-1 German Plans to attacks Russia.
#June 16 N ____ _____ GZ-9 Crisis in German-Soviet relations.
#June 16 N ____ _____ GZ-10 Japanese-United States negotiations.
#June 17 N ____ _____ GZ-15 German-Soviet crisis. Prediction of surprise German attack.
#June 27 N ____ _____ GZ-26 Japanese attitude toward Soviet-German crisis. "It will be well for the Imperial Govt. to assume a very prudent attitude in respect to this German-Soviet war."


JULY 1941

#July 7 A ____ _____ I.B. 1-155 "The Jap Govt.-do not at present feel compelled to modify their policy towards the USSR." (JD 3461)
#July 9 A ____ 19126-19128 I.B. 1-157 Plans for utilizing American negroes for espionage and sabotage. (JD 3490)
#July 9 N 3515 19197 Wash. 463 "If we are definitely determined to make a military stroke southward."
#July 10 A ____ _____ I.B. 1-158 Comments and paraphrase of JD 3515. [Note: MID missed the point completely.]
*July 24 A ____ _____ _____ Memo to Naval Aide to the President re withdrawal of Jap merchant vessels from the Atlantic Ocean.


*Aug. 4 N ____ _____ GZ-1 Jap Decisions at Imperial Conference, July 2, 1941-to break British-American encirclement and arm for all-out war.
#Aug. 9 N ____ _____ GZ-4 Preparations for the southward advance shall be reenforced.
#Aug. 10 N ____ _____ GZ-5 The belief of Ambassador Oshima is discounted by the Tokyo Government belief that the war will continue into next year, with the Russians holding in Siberia.
#Aug. 16 N ____ _____ GZ-9 Nomura's estimate of U.S. Policy. (U.S. is determined to take drastic action to counter further attempts at Japanese expansion.)
*Aug. 28 N 4814 21575 Berlin 1066 The German-Soviet war as described by Marshal Keitel (Germany conquering Russia.)

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.



#Sept 4 A 4929 21784 &
Rome 556 Essential to carry out boldly at this time our policy of southward advance.
#Sept 4 A 4940 21790 Tokyo 528 U.S.-Japan Negotiations-See JD; 4941.
*Sept 4 A 4941 21786-
Tokyo 529 Japanese Draft Proposal of Sept. 6, 1941. (Japan demands conditions that the U.S. cannot possibly agree to.)
#Sept 19 N 5234 22377 Shanghai 808 "Japan's war preparations against the Soviet."
*Sept 22 A 5360 22550 Tokyo 590 Basic terms of peace between Japan and China. (Jap troops in China & Recognition of Manchukuo.)
#Sept 23 A 5381 22588 Berlin 1161 I repeatedly requested-our Government's real national policy.
**Sept 26 N 5438 22748 Tokyo 595 Japanese Proposal of Sept. 25, 1941 (submitted to State Dept. on Sept. 27, 1941). (Amplifies the Note of Sept. 6th (JD 4941) and attempts to force the U.S. to relinquish its position. It is apparent that the negotiations are getting nowhere and that the Japanese believe that the U.S. will back down or resort to appeasement if they put up a determined front.)
#Sept 26 A 5441 22753 Tokyo 597 Nomura is bawled-out.
#Sept 27 A 5464 22787 Wash. 852 Nomura apologizes.
Sept 30 A 5510 22870 Tokyo 614 This whole matter concerns the China Incident and the South Seas question.



*Oct. 2 A 5598 22987 Wash. 881 Interview with Adm. Stark. "The Admiral stated that if the United States fights a two-ocean war she will have to defend herself in the Pacific."
#Oct. 3 N 5593 23034 Wash. 869 Relations of Terasaki (First Sec'y.) and Schmidt (spy).
#Oct. 6 A 5640 23114 Wash. 901 Nomura sounds a warning against further aggression.
#Oct. 7 N 5650 23162 Wash. 880 Nomura advises caution: "After Japan has had time to evaluate the results let her determine her course."
#Oct. 7 N 5661 23166 Wash. 894 Nomura submits his humble opinion: "The only remaining problem is that concerning the evacuating of our troops (from China)."
#Oct. 8 A 5693 23220 Tokyo 647 The internal situation here-would not permit further delay.
Oct. 9 N 5696 23260 Tokyo #83 Area designations in Pearl Harbor (for spy reports).
Oct. 10 N 5730 23312 Honolulu #41 Dock & Mooring designations in Pearl Harbor (for spy reports).
#Oct. 10 N 5738 23318 Harbin 129 Promise of American aid to Russia.
#Oct. 13 N 5779 23421 Tokyo 658 "The situation at home is fast approaching a crisis."
#Oct. 13 N ____ _____ GZ-9 Crisis in Japan (see JD 5779).
*Oct. 15 N 5838 23513 Berlin 1237 Ambassador Oshima urges Japan attack Russia-"at the time of the fall of Moscow"-and adds "It is absolutely essential for us to make sure of the resources and markets of the south."
*Oct. 16 N ____ _____ GZ-10 Kramer's Memo to CNO with paraphrase of JD #5838.
#Oct. 16 A 5854 23570 Wash. 943 Interview with Adm. Turner. (Withdrawal of Jap troops from China.
#Oct. 15 A 5854 23516 do do
#Oct. 16 N 5888 23622 Berlin 1236 Protest on Domei editorial.
Oct. 17 N 5898 23629 Rome 661 Evacuation of Japanese merchants from Europe.
#Oct. 17 A 5901 23631 Tokyo 671 German pressure on Japan.
#Oct. 18 N 5919 23677 Rome 664 "My (Paulucci's) personal opinion is that Japan should strike at the Soviet Union immediately."
Oct. 18 N 5923 23677 Tokyo 682 Resignation of Jap cabinet.
Oct. 20 A 5941 23715 Wash. 959 Conversation between Terazaki and Adm. Turner.
Oct. 23 A 6017 23859 Wash. ___ Nomura submits his resignation. "I don't want to continue this hypocritical existence deceiving [6] other people...As a man of honor this is the only way open to me." (This is why Kurusu was sent.)
Oct. 27 A 6084 23996 Wash. 989 "The Chief of Staff has sent the Military Attache some secret advice. Is this the future policy of the Government."
Oct. 28 A 6116 24046 Shanghai 361 "At the time of a Japanese advance to the North."
Oct. 26 N 6118 24070 Mex. City 422 Sec'y. Knox's statement that there would be imminent action in the Far East.
*Oct. 28 N 6138 24125 Tokyo 674 Japanese nationals evacuating the N. E. I.
Oct. 30 6175 24192 Wash. 1004 Talk with Adm. Pratt-"Stark cannot be said to be a 'strong' individual, Admiral Pratt said."

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.



Nov. 1 N 6204 24249 Hsinking 697 Border clash. "Let the matter be forgotten.
Nov. 4 N 6238 24322 Tokyo 343 Japanese nationals evacuating the Philippine.
*Nov. 4 A 6248 24330 Tokyo 725 Counter proposals will be given in #726 & 727. Conditions both within and without our Empire are so tense that no longer is procrastination possible. This is our last effort. The success or failure of the pending discussions will have an immense effect on the destiny of the Empire of Japan.
*Nov. 4 A 6249 24334-
Tokyo 726 Proposal "A"-Submitted in Part to State Dept. on Nov. 7, 1941. "How hard have we fought in China for four years. What tremendous sacrifices have we made. They must know this...In any case, our internal situation also makes it impossible for us to make any further compromise."
Nov. 4 A 6250 24338 Tokyo 727 Proposal "B"-Never submitted. "A last effort to prevent something happening."
#Nov. 4 A 6251 24339 Tokyo 730 "Ambassador Kurusu is leaving by clipper on the 7th. He is carrying no additional instructions(!)"
**Nov. 5 N 6254 24373 Tokyo 736 It is absolutely necessary that all arrangements for the signing of this agreement be completed by the 25th of this month. (Of utmost secrecy.)
#Nov. 5 N 6275 24386 Tokyo 734 Ambassador Kurusu left the 5th for (Shanghai(?)).
#Nov. 6 A 6302 24439 Tokyo 739 We are sending Ambassador Kurusu to show our Empire's sincerety...To make it sound good we are telling the public...Both the Army and Navy are pleased. (Note: See JD #6017.)
Nov. 7 N 6320 24479 Wash. 1040 There is danger that America will see through our condition. If we have made up our minds to a final course of action it would be the part of wisdom to keep still about it.
Nov. 8
N 6335 24533 Manila 722 Spy report on U.S. aircraft in the Philippines and analysis. (Note: This is why we did not worry too much over Japanese espionage.)
Nov. 12 N _____ _______ "Dissemination to White House." (This memorandum in Kramer's handwriting records reasons for giving original translations to Pres. Roosevelt (& Sec'y. Hull) after Nov. 12, 1941. Prior to that time Memoranda forwarding Paraphrases of important messages had been furnished.)
*Nov. 12 N 6415 24373 Tokyo 762 The United States is still no full aware of the exceedingly criticalness of the situation here. The date set in message #736 is a definite deadline. The situation is nearing a climax...time indeed becoming short.
#Nov. 12 N 6416 24654 Tokyo 763 Germany putting pressure on Japan to get tough with the U.S.
Nov. 17 A 6540 24853 Hsinking #1 Umetsu to Kurusu (Nov. 6, 1941.)
*Nov. 17 A 6541 24854 Hsinking #2 (Appended to #1). Manchukuo-Soviet Relations. (It would be impossible for us to fight the Soviet Union unless something unforeseen happens. The Kwangtung military command is restraining the forces there from any rash action. The Soviet is also endeavoring not to antagonize our country.
*Nov. 17 A 6542 24856 Hsinking #3 (Appended to #1). Estimate of the Russo-German War. (The foundations of the Stalin regime are very firmly fixed. The outlook for any early close to hostilities in Europe is fading.)
**Nov. 17
& 22
A 6553 24877,
Wash. 1090 Nomura's swan song (Nov. 14, 1941.) (The policy of the American Govt. in the Pacific is to stop any further moves on our part, either southward or northward. They are contriving by every possible means to prepare for actual warfare. It is not their intention to repeat the Munich Conference. The apex of German victories has been passed. The United States would not favor us at the sacrifice of China: This war will be long, and whoever can hold out till the end will be the victors. I would like to caution patience for one or two months to get a clear view of the world situation. This would be the best plan.
Nov. 17 A 6638 24878 Tokyo ___ Reply to Nomura. (The fate of our Empire hangs by a slender thread of a few days. I set the deadline. There will be no change.)

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.

NOVEMBER 1941-Continued

*Nov. 22 A 6710 25138 Tokyo 812 There are reasons beyond your ability to guess why we wanted to settle Japanese-American relations by the 25th, but if the signing can be completed by the 29th, we have decided to wait until that date. This time we mean it that the deadline absolutely cannot be changed. After that things are automatically going to happen.
Nov. 24 N 6731 25171 Tokyo 969 We would welcome peace between Germany and the Soviet Union.
#Nov. 24 A 6737 25174 Wash. 1148 Continue your efforts in guiding newspaper opinion.
*Nov. 24 A 6744 25178 Tokyo 823 The time limit set in my #812 is in Tokyo time. (See JD #6710.)
Nov. 26 A 6801 25322 Tokyo 2319 Should negotiations collapse...we will completely destroy British and American power in China. Keep absolutely quiet the existence of these decisions. (Circular to China Net-Nov. 14, 1941.)
#Nov. 26 A 6841 25344 Tokyo 836 Telephone Code (see JD 6890).
Nov. 26 N 6850 25392 Tokyo 2354 Winds Code-Morse (Nov. 19, 1941-J19).
*Nov. 28 N 6875 25432 Tokyo 2353 Winds Code-Voice (Nov. 19, 1941-J19).
______ ______ ______ Appended to JD 6875 (Singapore version of the Winds Code. (N.E.I. (Thorpe) version of the Winds Code. (N.E.I. (Foote) version of the Winds Code. Japan-U.S.=East Wind Rain. Japan-U.S.S.R.=North Wind Cloudy. Japan-British=West Wind Clear (including N.E.I.)
Nov. 28 N 6890 25443 _____ Washington-Tokyo Telephone Conversation Nov. 27, 1941 (2327-2334 E.S.T.)-The south, southward matter. A crisis does appear imminent. Regarding negotiations-do not break them off. We have a crisis o hand the Army is champing at the bit. [Note: This was only telephone conversation of any importance.] (See JD 6841.)
#Nov. 26
A 6891
25435 &
Wash. 1180 Our failure and humiliation are complete.
#Nov. 28 A 6892 25437 Wash. 1181 It is better to wire urgent news than to phone it.
*Nov. 28 A 6898 25445 Tokyo 844 The United States has gone ahead and presented this humiliating proposal (of Nov. 26th). Negotiations will be de facto ruptured. Do not give the impression that negotiations are broken off.
Nov. 28 N 6899 25446 Tokyo 843 Tokyo Broadcast Schedule.
#Nov. 29 N 6908 25476 Wash. 1197 Ref. Tokyo 843, recommends change in Broadcast Schedule-Nov. 27, 1941. (See JD 6899.)
Nov. 30 N 6921 25496 Tokyo 857 Make one more attempt. Please be careful that this does not lead to anything like a breaking off of negotiations.



#Dec. 1 N 6939 25545 Tokyo 2436 Destroying codes with chemicals.
*Dec. 1 N 6942 25556 Berlin 1393 Ribbentrop said, "It is essential that Japan effect the New Order in East Asia without losing this opportunity." "Should Japan become engaged in a war against the U.S. Germany, of course, would join the war immediately." Foreign Minister Ribbentrop requested that the contents of our talks be kept a strict secret.
**Dec. 1 A 6943 25552-
Tokyo 985 The conversations between Tokyo and Washington now stand ruptured-broken. Say very secretly to Hitler and Ribbentrop that there is extreme danger that war may suddenly break out between the Anglo-Saxon nations and Japan, and this war may come quicker than anyone dreams. Will not relax our pressure on the Soviet, but for the time being we would prefer to refrain from any direct moves in the north. Impress on the Germans and Italians how important secrecy is. (Nov. 30, 1941.)[Note: Coded message forwarded by Com 16 as GYROF 010001, 010014, or 010027. Also forwarded by London as Admiralty #104 and #105. Admiralty 011530 advised "Tokyo to Berlin of immediate interest to].

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.

DECEMBER 1941-Continued

*Dec. 1 A 6944 25554 &
Tokyo 986 The Imperial Govt. can no longer continue negotiations with the U.S. The proposal presented by the U.S. on the 26th contains one insulting clause. It clearly a trick. The U.S. has decided to regard Japan as an enemy. (Nov. 30, 1941.)[Forwarded by Com 16 as CYROF 010001, 010014, or 010029.]
Dec. 2 A 6974 25572 Hsinking 781 In the event war breaks out with England and the U.S.-Persons to be interned: (a) British nationals, 339; (b) American citizens, 81; (d) Nationals of the Soviet observed to be obnoxious characters with pro-British and American leanings are to be suitably taken care of.
#Dec. 2 N 6981 25604 Rome 768 Japanese language broadcasts to Europe. (Nov. 29, 1941.)
#Dec. 2 A 6982 25571 Rio 482 At present we can hear only the 6:30 p.m. JVJ transmission to the U.S. (Nov. 30,1941.)
*Dec. 1 N 6983 25605 Tokyo 865 To prevent the United States from becoming unduly suspicious we have been advising the press and others that the negotiations are continuing. The above is for only your information. (GY Log #6428.)
**Dec. 1 N 6984 25606 Tokyo 2444 The four offices in London, Hongkong, Singapore, and Manila have been instructed to abandon the use of the code machines and dispose of them. The machine in Batavia has been returned to Japan. (GY-Log #6432.)
*Dec. 2 N 6985 25609 Tokyo 2409 Hidden Word Code (Nov. 27, 1941-J19). for later additions see:
7122 25830 Tokyo 2432
           Tokyo 2433(?)
7214 25943 Tokyo 2450
7360       Tokyo 2431
Dec. 3 N 6991 25644 Tokyo 111 Make your "ships in harbor" report irregular but twice a week. (Nov. 15, 1941-J19.)
**Dec. 4 N 7001 . . JD #7001 or #6975 is believed to be the (missing) translation of the Winds Message.
Dec. 3 N 7012 25656 Berlin 1396 Note from German Ambassador concerning what is to be done in the event of an Anglo-Japanese and an American-Japanese war. (Dec. 1, 1941.)
*Dec. 3 A 7017 25640 Tokyo 867 Washington burn all codes except one copy of "Oite" (Pa-K2) and "L" (LA). Stop using the code machine and destroy it completely. When you have finished this, wire back "HARUNA." Destroy all messages files and other secret documents. (Dec. 2, 1941.)
#Dec. 4 A 7029 25694 Tokyo 114 or
Investigate fleet bases in Hawaii reservation. (Nov. 20, 1941-J-19.)
#Dec. 5 A 7063 25773 Tokyo 113 Report ships in Pearl Harbor, Manila Bay, etc. (Nov. 20, 1941-J-19.)
#Dec. 5
A 7064 25772 Honolulu 224 Unimportant spy report. (Nov. 18, 1941-I.)
Dec. 5 N 7080 25781 Tokyo 842 The United States might make a protective occupation of the Dutch East Indies. (Nov. 27, 1941.)
*Dec. 5 N 7086 25823 Tokyo 122 In the future report even when there are no (ship) movements. (Nov. 29, 1941-J19.)
Dec. 5 N 7091 25787 Tokyo 2443 London discontinue use of code machine and dispose of it immediately. Wire "SETUJU." (Dec. 1, 1941.)
**Dec. 4 N 7092 25783 Tokyo 893 Manchuria will take the same steps toward England and America that this country will take in case war breaks out. American and British consular officials and offices will not be recognized as having special rights. Great care shall be exercised not to antagonize Russia. (Dec. 1st.) [Note: Intercepted by Army at Fort Shafter, T.H. Received by Navy in late afternoon of Dec. 3, 1941, LCT. (GY Log #6498.)]

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.

DECEMBER 1941-Continued

#Dec. 6 A 7111 25817 Honolulu 222 Spy report on Naval vessels in Pearl Harbor. (Nov. 18, 1941-J19.)
#Dec. 5 N 7122 25830 Rio 329 Tokyo Circular 2432-Additions to Hidden Word Code. (Dec. 2, 1941-J19)(See JD #6985.)
Dec. 6 A 7125 25837 Bern Tokyo Circular #2447. Orders have been issued to our diplomatic officials in North America and the South Seas, and to all our officials in British and Netherlands territory to burn all telegraphic codes except one copy of "Oite" and "L". (Dec. 2-J19.)
Dec. 6 N 7136 25836 Wash. 1268 We have completed destruction of codes but since negotiations are still continuing I request to delay the destruction of one code machine. (Dec. 5th.)
Dec. 6 A 7142 25835 Tokyo 897 Destroy one "B" code machine and use the other for the time being. [Note: #897 was the first Tokyo to Washington serial sent on Dec. 6, 1941. We intercepted #897-912 solid.]
_____ _____ _____ Tokyo 898 See JD #7199.
_____ _____ _____ Tokyo 899 See JD #7170
#Dec. 6
A____ _____ Tokyo 900 Doemi praises KATO for good reporting.
**Dec. 6 A ____ _____ Tokyo 901 See JD #7149.
Dec. 6
N 7143 25843 Tokyo 902 Japanese Declaration of War. (Parts 1-13.) (See GY Log #6619, 6620, etc.)
**Dec. 7
N 7143 25843 Tokyo 902 Japanese Declaration of War. (Part 14.) (Very important.) (See GY Log #6649.)
*Dec. 6 A 7144 25844 Tokyo 904 Re my #902-Be most cautious in preserving secrecy. [Note: This was received before #902-See GY Log #6618.]
**Dec. 7 A 7145 25850 Tokyo 907 Re my #902-Submit our reply to the U.S. Govt. at 1:00 p.m. on the 7th your time. (Urgent-Very important.)(See GY Log #6648.)
#Dec. 7 A 7146 25853 Tokyo 908 Deepest thanks to both you ambassadors. (Urgent.)
*Dec. 7 A 7147 25854 Tokyo 910 After deciphering Part 14 of my 902 and also 907, 908, and 909, destroy at once the remaining cipher machine. (Extremely Urgent.)
**Dec. 7 N 7148 25856 Tokyo 2494 Relations between Japan and England are not in accordance with expectations. (In Hidden Word Code.)(See JD #6985.)
**Dec. 6 A 7149 25838 Tokyo 901 Re my 844 (JD 6898). The Govt. has deliberated on the American proposal of the 26th of November and as a result we have drawn up a memorandum for the U.S. contained in my separate message 902, in English. This message is very long-in 14 parts. Keep it secret for the time being. I will wire you in a separate message the time of presenting this memorandum to the U.S. Present it to the Americans just as soon as you receive instructions. [Note: #901 was intercepted before #904 and #902. See GY Log #6612.]
#Dec. 7 A 7150 25857 Tokyo 905 According to AP & UP reports the President has wired a personal message to His Majesty the Emperor. Please wire me the facts. (Urgent.)
#Dec. 7
A 7151 25858 Tokyo 909 I heartily thank IGUCHI and YUKI. (Urgent.)
Dec. 9 A 7214 25943 Tokyo 2450 Supplement to Hidden Word Code (Dec. 2-J19). [Note: Com 16's 051402 advised "Singapore attaches great importance to Tokyo Circulars 2433 and 2450." Circular 2450 was requested by OpNav 061605 and was forwarded by Com 16 GYROF 070330, 070415, & 071257 (?). See GY Log #6665-6669.]
#Dec. 8 A 7257 25998 Tokyo/Extra PAK2 messaged dated Dec. 6th. Of no importance, except to show solid interception of Tokyo-Washington messages on Dec. 6 & 7, 1941.
#Dec. 9 N _____ Tokyo 912 Same as #911 but in PAK2 (Dec. 7th) [Note: #912 was the last Tokyo-Washington serial sent. Our file of Tokyo-Washington serials sent on Dec. 6 & 7, 1941, is complete.)
*Dec. 10 N 7280 26029 Honolulu 252 The following ships are in port on the afternoon of the fifth: 8 battleships, 3 light cruisers, 16 destroyers. Four ships of the Honolulu class were in dock. (Dec. 5th-PAK2.) [Note: Army intercept forwarded (by mail?) from San Francisco.

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.

DECEMBER 1941-Continued

*Dec. 10 N 7294 26053 Honolulu 241 The usual schedule for departure and return of the battleships is: leaving on Tuesday and returning on Friday and returning on Saturday of the following week. (Dec. 1-J19.)[Note: Army intercept forwarded (by mail?) from San Francisco.]
#Dec. 11 N 7299 26047 Wash. 1278 Re your #910 we will commence the demolition (of the code machine) and destruction by fire. [Note: Last Purple message sent by Washington (Dec. 7th.)]
#Dec. 12 A 7330 26103 Cant. 512 The Army has completed all preparations to move immediately on Thai. (Dec. 2-J19.)[Note: Place of interception not known.]
Dec. 11
N 7335 26108 Pek. 625 Coincident with the beginning of the war against Britain and America. (Dec. 5th.) [Note: Intercepted at Fort Shafter, T.H. Received Dec. 10, 1941-see GY Log #6749.]
_____ ______ ______ 903 See entry after JD #7205.
_____ ______ ______ 906 See JD #7183.
_____ ______ ______ 911 See JD #7205.
_____ ______ ______ 912 See Entry after JD #7257.
#Dec. 7 A 7157 25859 Tokyo 118 Honolulu retain codes so long as the local situation permits. (Nov. 28-J19.)
#Dec. 8 A 7158 25880 Tokyo 119 Report entrance and departure of capital ships. (Nov. 28-J19.)
#Dec. 8 A 7164 25879 Tokyo 2445 Burn all codes with exception of one copy of "Oite" and "L". Wire "HARUNA." Burn all secret documents. Be especially careful not to arouse suspicion. (To Habana.)(Dec. 2-J19.)
#Dec. 7 A 7170 25868 Tokyo 899 Anti-U.S. Propaganda
#Dec. 7 A 7171 25851 Tokyo/Extra Correction to #902.
#Dec. 7 A 7175 25845 Wash/Extra Request correction to #902. [Note: This is why Nomura was late.]
#Dec. 7 A 7176 25846 Wash. 1272 Japanese attempts to influence the American Govt. (Dec. 6th.)
#Dec. 7 A 7178 25877 Honolulu 253 There is considerable opportunity left to take advantage for a surprise attack against these places. (Dec. 6th-PAK2.)[Army intercept forwarded by teletype from San Francisco.]
*Dec. 8 A 7179 25874 Honolulu 254 It appears that no air reconnaissance is being conducted by the fleet air arm. (Dec. 6th-PAK2.)[Army intercept forwarded by teletype from San Francisco.]
#Dec. 8 A 7183 25852 Tokyo 906 Minister SAKAMOTO return to his post at once. (Urgent.)
**Dec. 7 A 7184 25866 Budapest 104 On the 6th, the American Minister presented to the Government of this country a British government communique to the effect that a state of war would break out on the 7th. (LA)
#Dec. 8 A 7199 25896 Tokyo 898 Send Terasaki to his post immediately. (Urgent. (Dec. 6th.)
#Dec. 8 N 7205 25923 Tokyo 911 Minor correction to #902. (Dec. 7th.)
#Dec. 8 A _____ Tokyo 903 Washington send #1286 to Brazil. (LA)
#Dec. 8
A 7212 25928 Honolulu 238 Honolulu spy report. (Nov. 28-J19.)
#Dec. 11 N 7338 26109 Wash. 1276 Please wire the December operating expense for all offices today. (Dec. 7-LA)
#Dec. 11 N 7360 26144 Rio. 328 Tokyo Circular #2431-Nov. 29th. Additions to Hidden Word Code. (Dec. 2-J19)(See JD #6985)[Note: Intercepted at Fort Hunt, Va.]
#Dec. 12 A 7369 26214 &
Hsinking Prospective use of the Kwantung Army and recommendation against attacking Russia. (Dec. 4th.) [Note: Intercepted by Fort Shafter, T.H.]
*Dec. 11 N 7370 26145 Hono. 245 Spy method of communication by signals: KGMB Want Ads. (Dec. 3-PAK2). [Note: Intercepted at Fort Hunt, Va. Translated in the rough by Mrs. Edgers, 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 6, 1941. Seen by Lt. Cdr. Kramer about 3:00 p.m. Typed smooth and distributed on Dec. 11th.]
#Dec. 11 A 7377 26142 Tokyo 909 When the Japanese Empire commences hostilities Manchukuo will not participate. (Dec. 4th.) [Note: Intercepted at Fort Shafter, TH]
*Dec. 12 A 7381 26158 Tokyo 128 Honolulu wire immediately movements of the fleet subsequent to the 4th. (Dec. 6-PAK2)[Note: Intercepted at Fort Shafter. T. H.]

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Index of translations and memoranda re Pearl Harbor-Continued.

DECEMBER 1941-Continued

**Dec. 15 N 7469 26308 Tokyo 2556 Explanation of circumstances attending Nomura's presentation of Japanese Declaration of War to the U.S. Govt.: "We really supposed that negotiations had broken off first, and that shooting had taken place after this...The President's speech was trying to hide the fact that the United States had been taken by surprise and failed in the first step." (Dec. 11-J19)[Forwarded from Bainbridge Island by teletype.]
#Dec. 14 A 7479 26294 Rio 379 Tokyo Circular #2750:-The Imperial Naval Air Force damaged three battleships and sank three in the Battle of Hawaii. Those sunk were the Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Arizona. (Dec. 14-Plan [sic] Language.)
#Dec. 16
A 7511 26351 &
Hono. 234 Spy report on maneuvers of U.S. Pacific Fleet. (Nov. 24-J19)[Note: Intercepted by Army at San Francisco.]
#Dec. 19 A 7590 26479 Tokyo #4 War News Circular #4. The following report based on what the attacking forces witnessed during the battle as well as photographic observations after the battle, show that we had completely destroyed the United States Pacific Fleet and the American Air Forces in the Hawaiian region. (Detailed losses reported were very accurate.)(Dec. 18-Plain Language.)
#Dec. 26 N 7848 26881 Pek. 616 If this war does start, this will be a war which will decide the rise or fall of the Japanese Empire...It can be imagined that the next war is to be a longer one than the China Incident (Dated Dec. 3, 1941.)[Note: Intercepted at Corregidor, Dec. 7, 1941. Forwarded by Com 16 GYROF #-?- and received Dec. 8, 1941. GY Log #6707.]
**Dec. 30 A 8007 27065 Tokyo 123 To Honolulu: In view of the present situation, the presence in port of warships, airplane carriers, and cruisers is of utmost importance. Let me know day by day. Wire me in each case whether or not there are any observation balloon above Pearl Harbor. Also whether or not the warships are provided with anti-mine nets. (Dec. 2-J19)[Note: Intercepted at Fort Shafter, T.H. Reason for long delay not known, but apparently someone fumbled the ball. Note on translation says: "This message was received here Dec. 23."]