The Charge d'affaires in the United States to the Foreign Ministry (Berlin)

top secret 

No. 1482 of July 18

Washington, July 19, 19404:51 PM

Received July 20-3:00 am

The United States and World War II: Military and Diplomatic Documents, pp. 17-18.

With reference to your telegram No. 666 and my telegram No. 1345 of July 3.

As I have reported, isolationist Republican Congressmen at the Republican Convention succeeded in affixing firmly to the party platform the language of an isolationist foreign policy that will not let itself become entangled in a European war. Nothing has leaked out about the assistance we rendered in this.

It seemed advisable therefore to undertake similar action during the Democratic Convention in Chicago. The special officer for press relations has seen to it that several reliable isolationist Congressmen went to Chicago in order to exert influence on the delegates with the purpose of including, at least formally, in the Democratic platform as well, a pledge of non-participation in a European war.

I have reported by dispatch about the manner in which this was done.

In addition to other means, the Congressmen used for the purpose the tried and proved promotion aid [Propeller-Hilfsmittel] on a sensational advertisement in the leading Chicago newspaper. Accordingly, there appeared in the Chicago Tribune on the 15th, the opening day of the Convention, an effective full-page advertisement similar to that in the New York Times of June 25, on the

occasion of the Republican Convention. For travel assistance and cost of the advertisements $4,350 have been disbursed, which please refund to the Embassy. Regarding the accounting I refer to telegraphic instruction No. 749 of July 8.