Charles de Gaulle


The courageous decision taken by Chad Territory at the instigation of her Governor and Military Commander will fill all French hearts with joy and pride.

The enemy thought that, with the abominable armistice, French resistance was at an end. But the enemy was mistaken. All over the world, there are people who thought that France would never fight again. They have been guilty of an error of judgment.

France was temporarily overwhelmed by a form of warfare for which she was not prepared. In her misfortune, our country may have lost faith in herself. She may have lost faith in her Allies. Certain Frenchmen, blinded by despair, may have forgotten two thousand years of history and believed that the way to salvation lay through submission to Hitler and Mussolini.

But what of that? France is still France. Deep within her is a secret mainspring at which the world has always marvelled, and will again in days to come. France, crushed, humiliated, and surrendered, is beginning to climb out of the abyss.

Of this fact Frenchmen in Chad Territory have just given ample proof. Of their own accord, these upright, wise, and brave men have shouldered arms again and set forth to battle. I have reason to believe that their example will be followed by others.

I have reason to state that a new fighting France is being born, and that her strength is growing day by day. I have reason to believe that honour and glory are stilI in store for France. I have reason to state positively that France, by remaining in the battle-line, will also share in the victory.

To-day, August 27th, 1940, on the 360th day of the world war, I commend Chad Territory to the Empire in the following terms:

'At the instigation of her leaders—Governor Eboué and Colonel Marchand, Military Commander of the Territory —the Chad has given striking proof that she is pre-eminently a land of stout-hearted Frenchmen.

'In spite of the extreme precariousness of her military and economic situation, Chad Territory refused to be party to a shameful act of surrender, and decided to fight on until victory. By her admirable spirit of resolution, she has pointed out the path of duty and given the signal for recovery to the whole French Empire.'