Alexandria, Egypt, June 5, 1941

[Inter-Allied Review, June 15, 1941.]

Now that the battle of Crete is at an end and the forces of darkness have extinguished the light of freedom from one end of Greece to the other, the admiration of the entire civilized world and particularly the thoughts and the spirit of all Greeks are turned toward our heroes and our martyrs, to the dead as well as to those who are alive and have shed their blood on the mountains of Epirus, in Macedonia, in Thrace down to the shores of Crete and in general on the mainland of Greece which has been destined to be the motherland of noble acts and sacrifices.

The battle of Crete which gave a splendid climax to an epic struggle, is engraved with indelible letters in the history of Greece and the world. Every corner of the great island became a holocaust, as Missolonghi and Arcadia in the past, and the Greek war which started with marvelous Greek heroism gloriously shown in the Albanian heights down to the fortresses of Thrace, has recently marked new triumphs on the land of Crete. The enemy facing the full force of Greek bravery gained but a dubious victory of war machines. We and our brave Allies have added new glories and laurels that crown eternally the courageous and valorous.

In the middle of our deep sorrow let us realize how greatly honored is our distressed country Greece; she showed indeed to the world that she is the home of a great people and the land of great accomplishments.

Greeks! As those of Thermopylae and Constantinople, the martyrdom of Crete will always give new impetus to the ideals of our nation in the coming centuries, and from the ashes of the struggle in Albania, in Thrace and in Crete the Phoenix of Greek liberty will revive once again. In fact, in the middle of our bitter ordeal we can already see the dawn of the sacred day of liberty. The fight is carried on; we shall take unflinchingly the hard road which will lead us to the fulfillment of Greek and world ideals. At the side of our great Allies, reorganized Greek land, sea and air forces, are ready to fight the enemy for the liberation of Hellas wherever they meet him. While 8 millions of Greeks, although oppressed under the yoke of the enemy, do not hesitate to proudly face the conqueror, one million of Greeks abroad give all the moral and material support in their power to our sacred struggle.

We have only one aim: to win; and only one hope: how to win. We are confident that we shall win. We shall because God and the right are on our side and because Greece never dies. We suffered and we will suffer more. But our patience and our perseverance must and shall be inexhaustible. We shall never fail to keep deeply engraved in our hearts the vision of a free Greece. With God's help and the assistance of our great Allies it will be surely realized soon. And then, united as one, imbued with a mutual solidarity forged in the common struggle and sacrifice, we shall see the national aspirations completely satisfied. We will build a Greece more beautiful and greater than ever, making the pride and setting the example for all the free nations of the world.

Greeks! Unite as one man more closely than ever around our national symbols, around our flag and our heroic King. Keep your heads high as men who have been victorious. Do not trust the enemy; and have confidence in the final victory. Help each one of you, with every means at your disposal in order that we may achieve the final victory. Help our country to overcome the present misfortunes until the glorious day of liberation of a Greece great and new.