Speech at the final meeting on October 1, 1941

"The Moscow conference of the representatives of the Governments of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United States of America, and Great Britain has ended.

"The delegates to the conference were sent here in order to examine the question of the needs of the Soviet Union, which is fighting against the Axis powers, for supplies which the United States and Great Britain must deliver.

"The conference, which has taken place under the chairmanship of Mr. Molotov, the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs, carried on its work since Monday without interruption. The conference examined the question of the resources of the Soviet Government in connection with the production possibilities of the United States and Great Britain.

"The conference decided to place at the disposal of the Soviet Government practically everything which was requested by the Soviet military and civil authorities. The Soviet Government is supplying Great Britain and the United States with large quantities of raw materials which are urgently needed by those countries.

"The question of transport possibilities has been examined in detail, and plans have been worked out for increasing the flow of freight in all directions.

"Mr. Stalin has instructed me and Lord Beaverbrook to transmit his thanks to the United States and Great Britain for the generous deliveries of raw materials, machine tools, and armaments with which the Soviet forces will be in a position immediately to strengthen their defense and to develop vigorous attacks against the invading armies.

"Lord Beaverbrook and I, on behalf of our Governments, confirm the receipt from the Soviet Government of large deliveries of Russian raw materials, which will considerably assist armaments production in our countries.

"We note the cordiality with which the conference was imbued and which made it possible to conclude an agreement in record short time. We particularly note the completely sympathetic cooperation and understanding on the part of Mr. Stalin. We express our thanks to Mr. Molotov for his excellent management of the conference in his capacity as chairman, and to all the Soviet representatives for their assistance.

"In completing its work, the conference declares that it is the determination of the three Governments to establish, after the final destruction of Nazi tyranny, a peace which will give all countries an opportunity to live in security on their own territory without knowing either fear or want."