April 26, 1942

New York Times, April 27, 1942.

Berlin, April 26 (From a German broadcast)-Adolf Hitler received additional power from the Reichstag today by the adoption of the following statement presented by Reich Marshal Hermann Goering:

There must be no hesitation among you that the Fuehrer at the present time of the war in which the German people are engaged, this struggle of "to be or not to be," must possess the right that he has claimed to do everything that serves to achieve victory or contributes to it.

The Fuehrer must, therefore, without recourse to the Legislature, in his capacity as Fuehrer of the Nation, Commander in Chief of the Army, Chief of the Government, Supreme Holder of the Executive Power, Supreme Judge and Leader of the Party, at all times be in possession of the power, if necessary, to compel every German-whether officer or soldier, high or low, official, judge, official of the party, workman or employee-with all the means he deems suitable to fulfill his duty and in the event of his neglecting his duty duly to punish him after a thorough examination without regard to so-called "duly acquired" rights.

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