Tokyo, August 5, 1942

Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service, Federal Communications Commission.

At 11:00 a.m. Premier Tojo gave an address of instructions to the staff at the Gumma prefectural office. In this address of instructions to the staff of the Gumma prefectural office he emphasized the three points of self-consciousness of instructions, spiritual culture of the people of the nation, and the display of execution. That is the instruction of the Emperor, it is not the instruction of the ministers nor the instruction of the prefectural individuals. It is also to be (enriched) for the sake of the Sovereign. "This instruction is the most profound resolve, I believe. I earnestly desire that you uphold a righteous self-consciousness, stand as leaders of the people and fighting for this great war, win through to the end. Secondly, in our nation it is a time to overcome all difficulties and to display the great spirit of loyalty and sacrifice which has been arrested for the past 3,000 years. I wish you to be the leaders to exert every effort for this. Then as for the display of execution, this present age counts execution first, second and third. It is a crime to be unpardoned, to make light of executions. Only in an animated spirit can the best effort be given. Thus only are we people equal to this day. I have always made my motto Loyalty. Effort makes Loyalty. Without Effort there can be no Loyalty; only through making an effort is loyalty executed." In this manner Premier Tojo earnestly requested the cooperation of the leaders of the people in his address of instructions at the Gumma Prefectural office for its staff.

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