July 9, 1942

White House news release.

Following the conference between the President and the King of Greece at the White House today, the following joint communiqué was issued:

"At the meetings between the President and the King during His Majesty's visit to the United States, a full discussion of the mutual problems and interests of these two United Nations has taken place. The Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Tsouderos, has participated in these discussions.

"We are in complete agreement on the simple objective of prosecuting the war to a successful conclusion, at the earliest possible moment, with all the resources at the command of the two nations.

"We are firm in our determination to win the peace no less than the war, and we reassert our conviction that a just and lasting peace, based on an honest application of the Declaration of the United Nations of January 1, 1942, is the basis on which the peace shall be won.

"In consequence, the Prime Minister of Greece and the Secretary of State will sign tomorrow, on behalf of their Governments, an agreement on the principles applying to mutual aid in the prosecution of the war, by which the American and Greek Governments pledge not only their mutual resources to a common victory but their collaboration in economic policies to make possible a lasting peace."

King George and Mr. Tsouderos have been forced, for reasons of State, to curtail their visit to America and to return as early as possible to London.

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