July 14, 1942

Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service, Federal Communications Commission.

"The recently decided upon plan to carry out successful administration by means of diminishing officials at home offices has impressed the people as a whole quite satisfactorily. Great interest is held in this plan, which will play the main part in bringing about perfect harmony between the government and the people. Such a condition has been studied for a long time in (government circles). The government will, under this plan, bring about efficient administration plans by means of simplicity and decrease in men. This determination will be carried out through the sincere cooperation and full participation of the respective departments. Already two or three suggestions have been sent in, but by tomorrow, July 15, I desire that all without exception be handed in. These suggestions or plans will bring about many complications and difficulties when being carried out, but the main and important point is the reduction of those officials appointed under the Imperial Order in the central government offices to one third the present strength. Whatever the barriers, I desire that these plans be carried out."

So said Premier Tojo today at the regular cabinet meeting, asking the full cooperation of all concerned, and at the same time voicing the government's will and determination to see the plans through.

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