Washington, D. C., November 7, 1942

New York Times, November 8, 1942.

Here is a communication from the American general, Eisenhower, Commander in Chief of the forces now disembarking in French North Africa. This is one of the general staff officers who speaks to you. This communication, of the highest importance, is addressed to the French armies on land, sea and air in North Africa:

Frenchmen of North Africa, the forces which I have the honor of commanding come to you as friends to make war against your enemies.

This is a military operation directed against the Italian-German military forces in North Africa. Our only objective is to defeat the enemy and to free France. I need not tell you that we have no designs either on North Africa or on any part of the French Empire. We count on your friendship, and we ask your aid.

I have given formal orders that no offensive action be undertaken against you on condition that you for your part take the same attitude.

To avoid any possible misunderstanding, make the following signals:

I repeat, by day, fly the French tricolor and the American flag, one above the other. I repeat, by day, fly the French tricolor and the American flag, one above the other, or two (I repeat, two) tricolors, one above the other.

By night, turn on a searchlight and direct it vertically toward the sky. I repeat, by night, turn on a searchlight and direct it vertically toward the sky.

Moreover, for reasons of military security, we are obliged to give you the following orders. Any refusal to follow them will be interpreted as proof of hostile intention on your part. Here are the orders:

To all naval and merchant marine units: First, stay where you are. Secondly, make no attempt to scuttle your vessels.

To Coast Guard units: Withdraw from the neighborhood of your cannon and your stations.

To Aviation Units: Do not take off. All airplanes must remain in their usual places.

General Orders: In general you must obey all orders given to you by my officers.

We come, I repeat, as friends, not as enemies. We shall not be the first to fire. Follow exactly the orders which I have just given you. Thus you will avoid any possibility of a conflict, which could only be useful to our enemies. We summon you as comrades to the common fight against the invaders of France. The war has entered the phase of liberation.

English version of a message to the people of North Africa by General Eisenhower in behalf of the President of the United States:

The President of the United States has asked me as commanding officer of the American Expeditionary Forces to convey to all the people in Morocco and in North Africa the following message:

No nation is more closely bound by historic ties and deep affection to the people of France and their friends than the United States of America.

Americans are striving not only for their own safe future, but also for the restoration of the ideals, the liberties, and the democracy of all those who have lived under the Tricolor.

We come among you to save you from conquerors who would remove forever your rights of self-government, your rights to religious freedom, and your rights to live your own lives in peace.

We come among you solely to destroy your enemies and not to harm you.

We come among you with the assurance that we will leave just as soon as the menace of Germany and Italy is removed from you.

I am appealing to your sense of realism, self-interest and ideals. Do not obstruct this great purpose.

Help us and the day of a world of peace will be hastened.

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