An Outline by Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., December 18, 1944

Pamphlet No. 4, PILLARS OF PEACE
Documents Pertaining To American Interest In Establishing A Lasting World Peace:
January 1941-February 1946
Published by the Book Department, Army Information School,
Carlisle Barracks, Pa., May 1946

1. Foreign relations to be conducted so as to give the fullest diplomatic support to the United States armed forces.

2. Effective steps to prevent Germany and Japan, after the United Nation's victory, from again waging an aggressive war.

3. Establishment at the earliest possible moment of a United Nations security organization to maintain peace, by force if necessary, for generations to come.

4. Agreement on measures to expand world trade so that the United States can maintain full employment and enter with other nations into an era of expanding production and rising standards of living.

5. Encouragement of all conditions of international life favorable to the development by men and women everywhere of institutions of a free and democratic way of life in accordance with their own customs and desires.