April 10, 1945

Information Bulletin, Embassy of the U.S.S.R.

In the name of the Government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic we have the honor to submit the following declaration to the Conference of the United Nations, which is being held in San Francisco for the purpose of setting up an International Organization of Peace and Security.

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, on the basis of its Constitution of January 30, 1937, and the constitutional revisions and amendments adopted by the supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on March 4, 1944, has recovered the right which it formerly had and which it voluntarily ceded to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922, to establish direct relations with foreign states, to conclude agreements with them and to have independent representation at international conferences and bodies set up by the latter. This is also in full accord with the Constitution of the U.S.S.R. and the constitutional acts of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. dated February 1, 1944. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, with a population of over forty million, is one of the largest European states.

The Ukraine, lying along the southwestern borders of the Soviet Union has in the last thirty years alone been the object of numerous foreign invasions, which have brought to the Ukrainian people incalculable hardships. Therefore, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is among the states most interested in safeguarding their security against the attacks of aggressors. The Ukraine has more than once been the object of sanguinary invasions of aggressors who have striven for centuries to seize its territory, its manpower and material resources and to enslave its people.

The whole world is aware of the contribution made by the Ukrainian people to the defeat of the common enemy of the United Nations. The persistence and the heroism which the Ukrainian people, together with the other peoples of the Soviet Union, have shown and are showing in their fight against the German-fascist invaders are well known, as is the steadfastness with which they have defended their land, their big cities-Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov-and other towns and villages of the Ukraine. Their guerrilla movement undermining the strength of the enemy and disrupting his communications in the rear is also well known. The sacrifices which they have made in their fight against the common enemy are also well known. Suffice it to say that during their last invasion of the Ukraine, German hordes inflicted damage on the Ukrainian people amounting to several billion dollars, exterminated several million peaceful citizens and drove more than three million people into German slavery.

It is natural that the Ukrainian people, who have made such great sacrifices in this war and devoted all their material resources to the destruction of the enemy and whose soldiers make up at least one-fifth of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union, are vitally interested that their efforts and the efforts of all the peoples of the Soviet Union and of all the other peoples fighting the common enemy should be crowned with a lasting peace and should lead after the victorious termination of the war, to the creation of conditions which will guarantee the Ukrainian people and other peace-loving nations against new trials of war.

The Government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is confident that the Ukraine, which played a notable part in the defeat of the enemy, with its vast manpower and material resources will be able to make a major contribution to the consolidation of peace and the maintenance of general security.

On the basis of the considerations set forth above, the Government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, prompted by the desire to contribute to the establishment of the guarantees of peace and security after the war for its own people as well as for other peoples, has decided to submit to the Conference of the United Nations a declaration announcing its wish to join the world organization of security as one of the founder-states and also to take part in the Conference of the United Nations in San Francisco.

Chairman, Council of People's Commissars, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic April 10, 1945

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