June 9, 1945

Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service, Federal Communications Commission.

We hereby convoke this session of the Imperial Diet and proclaim these words to the members of the House of Peers and the House of Representatives.

We deeply rejoice that the loyal and brave men of our land and sea forces, with all their heart and strength, are crushing the formidable enemy, while our 100 million faithful and good citizens, braving the tumult of battle and holocausts, perform their duties with diligence. We rejoice further that the bonds with our Allies are being strengthened.

Lately the world situation has rapidly changed and the encroachments of enemy mount in fury. This is truly the opportunity to crush the evil designs of the enemy nations, fulfill the purpose of the Holy War, and manifest the glory of our Nation.

With firm faith in your matchless loyalty and valor, and sharing with you the hardships, we earnestly hope that the great undertakings of our forefathers may be amply fulfilled.

We have commanded our Ministers of State to submit various urgent measures to the Diet to meet especially the present situation. Do your duty of deliberating and supporting them in the spirit of self-denial and harmony in accordance with our Imperial Will.

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