June 19, 1945

French Press and Information Service.

The Consultative Assembly moved by the tragic news which occurred in Syria respectfully bows before all victims and addresses to their families as well as to Frenchmen who were unjustly and forcibly expelled, an expression of its sorrowful sympathy. Affirming Republican France's friendship for the Arab world, it expresses its desire to adapt the policy to be carried out in the Middle East to the spirit of the Declaration of Rights of Man. It solemnly identifies itself with the Declaration of Independence addressed to Lebanese and Syrian peoples by the Provisional Government of the French Republic under the guarantee of freely negotiated treaties or agreements. It notes statements made on June 14, by the British Prime Minister according to which the British Government does not intend to supplant France in these countries and will support French influence in Syria and Lebanon, but only in international councils, wishing that France may herself reach an agreement with Syria and Lebanon and that she will withdraw her troops as soon as an agreement is reached and requests that the Government shall discuss all agreements or treaties with Syria and Lebanon in the spirit of confident friendship considering these two states independent and sovereign. It also wishes that all proposals which may be put forward by the British Government in connection with the statement of June 14 shall be considered in the same spirit and that it shall increase its efforts towards drawing up a Franco-British Treaty which together with the Franco-Soviet Treaty may be one of the European Foundations for building World Peace.

The Consultative Assembly approves the fact that the Government of the Republic, in agreement with previous pledges given to the League of Nations and with texts and in the spirit of San Francisco Conference, has informed "The International Councils" of the difference of opinion which is the concern of the international community and of the problems which must-in certain respects-be solved in the international field.

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