August 17, 1945

New York Times.

The decision has been taken to cease fire and return to peace. All officers and men of the Imperial Army who, with their fighting spirit as high as ever have been gallantly waging war in alien lands thousands of miles away, or making preparations for the defense of the homeland, must now lay down their arms in profound sorrow. Deep emotion surges from our heart when we think of the future of our State

His Majesty, though keenly aware of our feelings, issued an Imperial command for the settlement of the present situation with extraordinary determination.

All officers and men of the Imperial Armed Forces are hereby ordered to refrain from any outbursts of emotion at the sacrifice of their sentiment, face stark reality calmly and squarely, and maintain solid unity and strict discipline in order to carry out the Imperial instructions to the letter

It is indeed a glorious honor to know that His Majesty stated that he believed "the loyalty and achievements of you officers and men of the Imperial forces will for all time be the quintessence of our nation."

All officers and men of the Imperial Armed Forces must live up to this glorious honor and proudly bear the hardest of all difficulties and endure the unendurable, thereby enhancing the lofty spirit of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Signed, War Minister, Aug. 17, 1945, Twentieth Year of Showa (1945).

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