JANUARY 5, 1941.

8:05 PM


From: Fort Shafter, T. H.

To: The Adjutant General.

Number 2041, January 4th. Filed 2:47 PM.


ATTENTION G-2. Following information was given out by official British sources and was obtained from Captain Thomas V. Hill, Master ARMS AORANGI. Description of three raiders operating in Pacific is as follows:

TOKYO MARU EX KULMERLAND, Japanese markings, 7300 tons, 20 passenger, one straight funnel amidships, two masts, three single Samson posts one between bridge and foremast one directly abaft passenger accommodation one abaft the mainmast, crows next extreme head foremast, slightly raked stem, cruiser stern, one seaplane carried.

MANYO MARU, Japanese marking, 5000 tons, 20 passenger, one straight funnel amidships very close to bridge, two masts with foremast abaft well deck with seaplane derrick one set of Samson posts immediately before bridge, Maier form bow, cruiser stern, one seaplane.

Probably MARVIK, Norwegian MARKINGS, 6000 tons, one large funnel amidships close to bridge, narrow bridge to heavy mast, foremast well aft and single Samson post forward of foremast, one Samson post abaft mainmast, black hull,


(Sheet 2, No. 2041 from Ft. Shafter, T. H.)


white band, straight stem, counter stern, raised forecastle, high after deck house, one seaplane.

In almost every attack of U boats on shipping a night it has subsequently transpired that light were being shown, it is believed darkening of merchant ships is improving but it is reported that light torches are sometimes used on upper decks.