C-A16-1/A7-3(2)/ND14 (0135)
Fort Shafter, T. H.
                                 HEADQUARTERS 14TH NAVAL DISTRICT,
                                 Pearl Harbor, T. H., 14 February, 1941.
SUBJECT: Army and Navy Aircraft in Hawaiian Area.
To: Officers named in par. 2, herein.

1. Reference is directed to the following:

A. Letter from the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet, on the above subject, dated 4 February 1941, (CinC serial (0195)).

B. Joint Coastal Frontier Defense Plan (Navy short title, 14ND-JCD-13;

Army short title, HCF-39) Headquarters Hawaiian Department, Headquarters Fourteenth Naval District, dated 14 April, 1939.

2. In order to study and make recommendations to the Planning Representatives, (Paragraph 4, Reference B), for measures relating to increasing the combat efficiency of Army and Navy aircraft stationed in Hawaiian waters and to improve the effectiveness of the defenses against hostile air attacks, the following joint committees (Paragraph 5, Reference B) are appointed:

a. Air Operations Committee: To study and submit recommendations pertaining particularly to those subjects listed in subparagraphs 5 a, c, and d, Reference A, and to prepare plans for the conduct of joint exercises, on a weekly or more frequent basis, to insure the readiness of joint defensive measures in Oahu against surprise aircraft raids.

Army Members:                         Navy Members:
   Haw. Air Force:                       NAS Operations Officer
      Lt. Col. W. S. Streett, AC            Lt. Comdr. H. F. Carlson
   H. S. G. A. B.:                       Staff, Com. AirBatFor.
      Major R. T. Frederick, 64th           CA Comdr. M. R. Browning
                                         Patrol Wing 2 C. O. Patron 22
                                            Lt. Comdr. G. Van Deurs

Enc. (A) Com 14 serial (0410) 1 May 1941.

[2] b. Communications Committee: To study and submit recommendations pertaining particularly to those subjects listed in subparagraph 5 b., Reference A.

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Army Members:                       Navy Members:
   Hq. Haw. Dept.:                     PatWingTwo C. O. Patron 22:
      Lt. Col. W. E. Murphy, SC           Lt. Comdr. W. P. Cogswell
   Haw. Air Force:                     14th Communication Officer
      Lt. Col. C. I. Hoppough, SC         Comdr. H. L. Thompson
   H. S. C. A. B.:                     Staff ComAirBatFor
      Major I. H. Ritchie, CAC         Communication Officer:
                                           Lt. L. J. Dow

c. Air-Antiaircraft Committee: To study and submit recommendations pertaining particularly to those subjects listed in subparagraphs 5 e, f, and h of Reference A, to prepare plans for the effective coordination of ship and short antiaircraft artillery gun fire against surprise aircraft raids, and to consider the desirability of using balloon barrages in the defense of the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Field Area.

Army Members:                         Navy Members:
   Haw. Air Force:                       14ND District Marine Officer:
      Lt. Col. Hegenberger, AC              Col. H. K. Pickett
   H. S. C. A. B.:                       BatFor Gunnery Officer,
      Major R. T. Frederick, 64th CA     USS Missis.
      Capt. M G. Weber, CAC                 Lt. Comdr. W. W. Juvenal
                                        Ass't. Air Officer, USS Yorktown
                                            Lt. Comdr. H. F. Macomsey

d. Armament Committee: To study and submit recommendations pertaining particularly to those subjects listed in subparagraph 5 g of Reference A:

Army Members:                     Navy Members:
   Hq. Haw. Dept.:                   14ND IOC NAD Oahu:
      Lt. Col. M. W. Marsh, Inf.        Comdr. W. W. Meek
      Major R. McK. Smith, OD.       Staff ComAirBatFor, Gunnery:
   Haw. Air Force:                      Lt. Comdr. S. E. Burroughs, Jr.
      Lt. Col. A. B. Custis, OD.     Staff, ComPatWingTwo, Gunnery:
                                        Lt. H. P. Cooper


e. Chemical Warfare Committee: To study and submit recommendations pertaining particularly to measures to screen the Pearl Harbor-Hickam Field Area from air attack by the use of smoke or by other devices:

Army Members:                         Navy Members:
   Hq. Haw. Dept:                        14ND CO Barracks Detachment:
      Col. J. W. Lyon, CWS                  Major J. M. Smith, USMC
   Haw. Air Force:                       PatWingTwo CO Patron 21:
      Major M. E. Jennings, CWS             Lt. Comdr. J. W. Harris
   H. S. C. A. B.:
      Major F. T. Ostenberg, 64th CA

3. The studies and recommendations of the Committees will be based upon existing conditions and steps which may be taken in the near future to improve these conditions. The senior officer of each committee will act as its chairman. Direct consultation by committee members with any units under the control of the Department Commander or of the District Commandant is authorized and encouraged. Reports containing the recommendations of the committees will be submitted to the Planning Representatives (Paragraph 4 Reference B) not later than 1 March, 1941, with a view to the immediate preparation of joint operation plans for defense against air attacks.

4. The Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Fleet, has detailed the fleet members for the committees as indicated in paragraph 2 above.

5. All members of all committees who are not temporarily absent from Oahu on other duty will assemble at 0930 seventeen February in Office of Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 Headquarters Hawaiian Department, Fort Shafter.

WALTER C. SHORT                        C. C. BLOCH
   Lieutenant General, U. S. Army      Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
      Commanding Hawaiian Department   Fourteenth Naval District
Copies to: C. G., H. A. F.             Copies to: CinCus
           Fort Shafter, T. H.                    ComBatFor
           C. G., H. S. G. A. B.                  ComScoFor
           Fort DeRussy, T. H.                    ComAirBatFor
           C. G., Schofield Barracks              ComPatWingTwo