February 1941

6 February 1941 The Conference of the River Plate set up permanent regional headquarters in Buenos Aires. (To direct regional economic relations.Times, Feb. 7, 1941, p. 4.)
7 February 1941 YOSUKE MATSUOKA JAPAN'S FOREIGN MINISTER'S ADDRESS AT OPENING OF THAI-FRENCH INDO-CHINA BORDER DISPUTE, MEDIATION CONFERENCE Tokyo. "It is my firm belief that the establishment of a sphere of common prosperity throughout Greater East Asia is not only Japan's policy, but indeed a historical necessity in the event of world history." See doc.
9 February 1941 THE SECRETARY OF STATE TO THE MINISTER IN YUGOSLAVIA (LANE) "In regard to recent discussions of the position of this Govern­ment in respect to the developing world situation we desire that you make clear to the Government of Yugoslavia our position as outlined below." See doc.
9 February 1941 SPEECH BROADCASTED BY PRIME MINISTER WINSTON CHURCHILL "Give us the tools, and we'll finish the job." See doc.
10 February 1941 Britain severed diplomatic relations with Rumania. (". . . the essential development is that the German High Command is building up in Rumania all the elements of an expeditionary force and has concentrated at various points large, supplies of munitions and oil fuel. "Rumanian territory is thus being used by Germany as a military base in furtherance of her plans for prosecuting the war. These measures are being taken without a word of dissent from the Rumanian Government." Times, Feb. 11, 1941, p. 4. Cf. Oct. 8, Nov. 23, 1940,supra.)
12 February 1941 Italy asked that United States consulates at Palermo and Naples be moved to Rome. (To a place not on sea coast.Bulletin, Vol. IV, No. 89, p. 249. Cf. Jan. 19.supra.)
12 February 1941 General Franco and Premier Mussolini conferred. (". . . on all problems interesting the two governments at the present historic moment."Times, Feb. 13, 1941, p. 1.)
13 February 1941 King Alfonso XIII of Spain renounced his throne in favor of his son Juan. (Times, Feb. 14, 1941, p. 6.)
13 February 1941 General Franco met Marshal Pétain. (To discuss matters re­lating to the prosecution of the war.Times, p. 1.)
14 February 1941 Chancellor Hitler conferred with Yugoslavs. (Demanded they adhere to Axis pact, permit transit of troops and munitions, grant economic cooperation and passivity to German occupation of Bulgaria.Times, Feb. 15, 1941, p. 2. ". . . concerning questions of mutual interest . . ."Times, p. 1.)
14 February 1941 THE SECRETARY OF STATE TO THE MINISTER IN YUGOSLAVIA (LANE) " The President at this moment when peaceful nations are seeking a policy to insure their own integrity is convinced that any victory on behalf of the predatory powers even if it only be in the diplomatic field would but pave the way for fresh demands accompanied by threats of force against the very independence of the nation thus " See doc.
16 February 1941 Britain mined Singapore waters. (To strengthen defenses there because of concern over Far Eastern situation Times, Feb. 17, 1941, p. 1.)
17 February 1941 Turkish-Bulgarian nonaggression pact signed. (Times, Feb. 18, 1941, p. 4.)
17 February 1941 Foreign Minister Matsuoka said the white race must cede Oceania to the Asiatics. ("This region has sufficient natural resources to support from 600,000,000 to 800,000,000 people. I believe we have a natural right to migrate there."Times, Feb. 18, 1941, p. 1.)
23 February 1941 SPEECH DELIVERED BY PREMIER BENITO MUSSOLINI Rome, Italy. " We call bread bread and wine wine, and when the enemy wins a battle it is useless and ridiculous to seek, as the English do in their incomparable hypocrisy, to deny or diminish it." See doc.
24 February 1941 SPEECH BY CHANCELLOR HITLER Delivered at Munich, Germany. " On this date and from this very hall began the Movement's amazing march to victory, which bore it to the helm of the Reich, to leadership of the nation and its destiny." See doc.