MAY 3 1941.

9:22 AM

From: Tokyo.

To: Assistant Chief of Staff G-2.

Tokyo No. 467, May 2, 1941.


Under the provisions of Article 20 Tripartite pact military missions known to have left Japan for Germany and Italy though no first hand information this office relative arrival Japan similar missions from those countries. At present no move discernible which might be considered preparatory to military action as provided by Article three although frequent rumors refer Japanese strength Formosa Hainan Indo-China greater than normal under China war conditions and held in readiness move against Dutch East Indies Singapore. Increase of Japanese Naval and Air force Saigon likewise rumored. This office not in position to confirm or refute such reports. No unusual mission movements observed Japan distinguishable from normal movements connected operations China although such moves would be carefully hidden and difficult to follow after leaving Japan. Attention is invited to recent State Department dispatch concerning transit


(Sheet Two Tokyo, No. 467, May 2, 1941)


of German aircraft, artillery and other military supplies via Trans-Siberian  railway to Japan.

Instead of daily report required by your No. 505 suggest immediate report any information obtained since without change present international political and military situation many such reports will be negative.