(SC)A7 - 2(2)/FF1
Serial 067712
Secret-Memorandum                                         June 11, 1941.
From: The Director, War Plans Division.
To: The Director, Naval Districts Division
Subject: Air Defense of Pearl Harbor
Enclosure: (A) Com14 secret letter (0410) S-A16-3/A7-3(3) ND14 of May 1,
            1941, with enclosures.

1. Enclosure (A) should have been routed direct to the Director, Naval Districts Division for action.

2. It is recommended that copies of enclosure (A) be forwarded to all Commandants of Naval Districts, to the Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, and the Commander in Chief, U. S. Asiatic Fleet, for use in the preparation of similar plans, and in the holding of joint exercises. It will be noted that copies have been furnished the Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet.

                                                            R. K. TURNER.