From: Vladivostok
To: Tokyo
25 June 1941


There has been no great change in conditions here up to the 25th. Emergency measures are in force, the regulation of commodities and supplies to the defense force -----. The fleet and the air corps began practice on the 24th. The attitude toward Japan (?) has undergone no change. Some civilians talk to the officials.


Details of military conditions are as follows:


1. Conditions on the 22nd.


(1) About 7:30 p. m. emergency orders were issued to the army and navy sentries who had gone out for the evening and they could be seen everywhere in the city running to their posts of duty.


(2) At about 9 p. m. one truck loaded to capacity with armoured infantry and following this three navy trucks loaded with 4-turret high angle machine guns could be seen moving out to guard (duty).


(3) The fleet was inactive and nothing out of the ordinary could be observed. The corps that had charge of air defense seemed to be at their posts.


2. Conditions on the 23rd.


(1) Military trucks were going back and forth constantly in connection with the air defense.


(2) The fleet was still inactive, but part of it engaged in target practice.


(3) The radio broadcast throughout the day concerning coastal defense. ------


3. Conditions on the 24th:


(1) No change on the land front from. the previous day. The number of soldiers in the city seemed to be about as before.

JD-1: 3394 18959 (continued)              (H) Navy Trans. 7-2-41 (6-AR)


(2) The warships that had been in the harbor for the past several days sailed out early in the morning apparently for practice maneuvers.

(3) The air corps began making flights from this morning. The guards who are on duty in the city in ordinary times began practicing in earnest.


4. The 25th.


(1) No change during the forenoon.


(2) The fleet had already gone out for practice maneuvers but the warships left in the harbor at 8 a. m. were as follows:

          1 light cruiser
          1 mine layer
          1 submarine tender
          4 destroyers
          2 torpedo boats
          10-20 submarines
          5 special service ships


Most of these were being repaired.

JD-1:                                     (H) Navy Trans. 7-2-41 (6-AR)