July 7 1941.

WPD 4544

Memorandum for the Adjutant General:

Subject: Secret Radiogram


1. The Secretary of War directs that a secret radiogram as follows be sent to the:

Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Command

Commanding General, Philippine Department

Commanding General, Hawaiian Department

Commanding General, Fourth Army


For your information stop Deduction from information from numerous sources is that the Japanese Govt has determined upon its future policy which is supported by all principal Japanese political and military groups stop This policy is at present one of watchful waiting involving probable aggressive action against the maritime provinces of Russia if and when the Siberian garrison has been materially reduced in strength and it becomes evident that Germany will win a decisive victory in European Russia stop Opinion is that Jap activity in the south will be for the present confined to seizure and development of naval comma army and air bases in Indo China although an advance against the British and Dutch cannot be entirely ruled out stop The neutrality pact with Russia may be abrogated stop They have ordered all Jap vessels in its Atlantic ports to be west of Panama Canal by first of August stop Movement of Jap shipping from Japan has been suspended and additional merchant vessels are being requisitioned end

II. That a copy of the above radiogram be furnished to the Chief of the Army Air Force.



Brigadier General,

Acting Assistant (Chief of Staff.)




(Original paper filed under Panama Command.