150 WTJ


JULY 23, 1941.

11:32 PM

From: Tokyo

To: Milid

No. 504, July 21st.


Recently imposed restrictions of indefinite duration on land, water, and air travel in Japan reduces available services southward to NYK Transpacific liner Application has been made for reservations through to Manila on first possibility namely Yawata sailing Yokohama August 14th Shanghai August 19 arriving Manila August 21 without touching Hongkong. Company states that reservations cannot be confirmed for several days. If it is desired that Pape carry digest on Japanese vessel he requests specific authority therefor. It not, suggest that assistant naval attaché in Shanghai be requested to forward digest to Manila by first available safe hand and if it does not arrive before Pape leaves he be authorized to pick up Manila copy of digest. Only other alternative is for Pape to go to Shanghai first available transportation and to proceed thence by whatever combination of clippers and non Japanese shipping will put him soonest in Singapore. Schedule of British and Dutch lines are not available to their agents in Japan. Assist naval attaché in Shanghai has been requested to secure and forward pertinent information if possible. No detailed schedule can be reported until transportation to Shanghai is secured and possibly until after arrival there.