JULY 30, 1941

3:44 AM

From: Hawaii

To: War Department

No. 3419, July 29th.


For A C of S G-2 reliable information concerning Japanese forces in Manchuria as follows. Ten divisions of a total strength of two hundred forty two thousand men. These are the eight divisions which-are given in latest British military intelligence order of battle; with the twelfth and twenty fifth repeat twelfth and twenty fifth in addition. Eight Frontier Garrison units of a total strength about twenty two thousand six hundred. Six independent garrisons units of total strength about thirty eight thousand. Total strength approximately three hundred thousand repeat three hundred thousand. The weapon equipment of Four Regiment Divisions is given as seven thousand six hundred eighty six rifles, five hundred seventy six trench mortars and infantry support guns. Three hundred ninety six heavy and light machine guns. Ninety two field guns and howitzers. Same source reports that German accounts in South America steadily being transferred to Japanese custody. It is freely predicted Germany will ask Japan to blockade Vladivostok to prevent essential supplies reaching Russia.