Navy Directive No. 1

5 November 1941
Directive to: Yamamoto, C in C, Combined Fleet

1. The Combined Fleet will advance necessary forces at a suitable time to their preparatory points to stand by for the start of operations in the event of unavoidable hostilities against America,

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Great Britain and the Netherlands, in the first ten days of December. [1]

2. During the above-mentioned advance, strict watch will be kept against unexpected attacks.

3. The operational policy against America, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, in case of hostilities, is scheduled as cited in the separate volume. [2]

Chief of the Naval General Staff
Nagano, Osami


Combined Fleet Operations Order No. 1 issued on 5 November 1941 and titled "Preparations for War and Commencement of Hostilities" was an 89-page volume covering all phases of war preparations. In general this order stated the following:

a. The Empire is expecting war to break out with the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands. When the decision is made to complete all operational preparations, orders will be issued es-

[1]. Preparatory Points
Carrier Striking Task Force                 Hitokappu Bay
Philippine Invasion Force                   Bako (Formosa)
Malay Invasion Force                        Camranh Bay
Main Body, Southern Force                   Samah (Hainan Island)
Submarine Force                             Kwajalein
[2]. All copies of "The Separate Volume" were destroyed prior to the end 
of the war. Attached as appendix I is a reconstructed version prepared 
from personal notes and memory by Capt. T. Ohmae, former Chief, Plans 
Section, Naval General Staff.

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tablishing the approximate date (Y Day) for commencement of hostilities and announcing "First Preparations for War."

When these orders are issued, the forces will act as follows:

(1) All fleets and forces, without special orders, will organize and complete battle preparations for operations in accordance with "the Allocation of Forces for First Period Operations of First Phase Operations." When directed by respective commanding officers, they will proceed at a proper time to the pre-operation rendezvous points and wait in readiness.

(2) All forces will be on strict look-out for unexpected attacks by the U.S., British, and Netherlands forces.

(3) The commanding officers of various forces may carry out such secret reconnaissance as is necessary for the operations.

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