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Cincpac File No.
Serial 01820
                                PEARL HARBOR, T. H., 10 November 1941.
From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
To: Commander Battle Force (Commander Task Force ONE).
    Commander Aircraft, Battle Force (Commander Task Force TWO).
    Commander Scouting Force (Commander Task Force THREE).
    Commandant Fourteenth Naval District (Commander Task Force FOUR)
    Commander Base Force (Commander Task Force FIFTEEN).
    Commander Submarines, Scouting Force (Commander Task Force SEVEN)
    Commander Patrol Wing TWO (Commander Task Force NINE)
    Commanding General, Second Marine Division.
Subject: Employment Schedules, U. S. Pacific Fleet, Third Quarter,
         Fiscal Year, 1942.
          (a) Cincus ltr. A4-3/FF1 Serial 1773 of 16 May, 1938.
          (b) U S. Pacific Fleet Confidential Letter No. 14CL-41 of 31
              October, 1941
          (c) Cincpac Conf. ltr. A4-3/FF1-1 Serial 0750 of 8 May, 1941.
          (A) Copy of subject schedule-Action addresses 10 each,
              information addresses 5 each.
          (B) Minimum number of vessels required in Task Forces ONE, TWO
              and THREE when operating at sea.

1. Enclosure (A) is the general directive for preparation of the subject schedules.

2. The schedule is divided into operating periods assigned to Task Forces ONE, TWO and THREE. Other Task Forces will operate at discretion, the Commanders arranging with the Task Force Commander at sea for operating time and with Commander Battle Force for operating areas.

3. Commanders of Task Forces ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, SEVEN, NINE and Commander Base Force will submit third quarter employment schedules for approval by 1 December; print and distribute by 10 December. The following procedure is prescribed:


(a) Commanders of Task Forces ONE, TWO and THREE inform other Force and Type Commanders and Commander Base Force, as soon as practicable, of the times in the schedule to be devoted to inter-type tactics in their respective Task Forces.

(b) Type Commanders submit to Task Force Commanders, information to Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet, recommendations for type training indicating priorities in exercises.

(c) Task Force Commanders and Commander Base Force prepare and submit to Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet, for approval, the quarterly employment schedule coordinating the requirements of types in their respective Forces.

4. Naval units in the Hawaiian area are divided for training and operations between the following Forces:

TASK FORCE ONE-Commander Battle Force:
   Batdivs TWO and FOUR.
   SARATOGA and planes.
   Crudiv. NINE.
   Desflot ONE less Desron FIVE.
   Mindiv ONE, OGLALA.
TASK FORCE TWO-Commander Aircraft, Battle Force:
   Batdiv ONE.
   ENTERPRISE and planes.
   Crudiv FIVE.
   Desflot TWO, Desdiv FIFTY.
   Mindiv TWO.
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TASK FORCE THREE-Commander Scouting Force:
   Crudivs FOUR and SIX.
   LEXINGTON and planes plus Marine Air Group 21.
   Desron FIVE.
   Minron TWO.
   Transports, Base Force (when present).
   Second Marine Division less Defense Battalions and Advance Detachment.
   Aircraft, Scouting Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet, less Patwings ONE and
TASK FORCE FOUR-Commandant Fourteenth Naval District.
    That part of Fourteenth Naval District Activities which involve the
       Island Bases.
TASK FORCE SEVEN-Commander Submarines, Scouting Force.
   Submarines, Scouting Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet.
TASK FORCE NINE-Commander Patrol Wing TWO.
   Patrol Wing ONE.
   Patrol Wing TWO.
BASE FORCE, U.S. Pacific Fleet, less transports when present.
   Task Force FIFTEEN.

5. Units are assigned in accordance with reference (b). Units omitted from reference (b) have been included in the Task Force Organizations for training purposes.

6. Task Force and Type Commanders may, to suit individual ship requirements, shift units from one Task Force to another, maintaining proportion of upkeep and operating time.

7. One surface Task Force will be at sea at all times. When a sortie and entry occur in succession, the sortie force will clear before the entry begins.

8. Reference (c) is canceled. Enclosure (B) is effective immediately.

9. Schedules will provide for as many tenders and Base Force vessels as practicable to participate in Fleet Tactics during the period 9-13 March, 1942.

10. Commanders of Task Forces ONE, TWO and THREE will recommend to Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet the assignment of cruisers to Task Force FIFTEEN in accordance with paragraphs six and eleven of reference (b).


11. Operating and upkeep periods are assigned as follows:

                                   Operating                  Upkeep
TASK FORCE ONE ........................31 Dec-8 Jan....9-20 Jan
                                    21-29 Jan............30 Jan-10 Feb
                                    11-18 Feb............19 Feb-3 Mar
                                     4-13 Mar.........14-24 Mar
                                       25 Mar-2 Apr......
TASK FORCE TWO ..........................................27 Dec-7 Jan
                                     8-16 Jan.........17-28 Jan
                                       29 Jan-6 Feb....7-17 Feb
                                    18-25 Feb............26 Feb-8 Mar
                                     9-18 Mar............19 Mar
TASK FORCE THREE ......................................1-12 Jan
                                    13-21 Jan............22 Jan-5 Feb
                                     6-14 Feb.........15-24 Feb
                                       25 Feb-4 Mar.....5-8 Mar
                                     9-13 Mar.........14-17 Mar
                                    18-25 Mar............26 Mar-

12. Periods assigned for Fleet Tactics:

 Task Forces TWO and THREE ............................... 13-16 Jan.
 Task Force ONE and THREE ................................ 11-14 Feb.
*Task Force ONE, TWO & THREE .............................  9-13 Mar.

*Advance Light Force and Advanced Submarine Force Practices.

                                                          H. E. KIMMEL
Copy to: Opnav (50), CincLant, CincAF, Combatships, Comcrubatfor, Cominbatfor, Comcruscofor, Comdesbatfor, Comairscofor, Cominron TWO, Compatwing ONE.
                                                         P. C. Crosley,
                                                         P. C. CROSLEY,
                                                         Flag Secretary.

(At this point in exhibit No. 26 there appears a copy of the Fleet

Employment Schedules, U. S. Pacific Fleet, third quarter, fiscal year

Page 552

1942, being Enclosure A, supra. This schedule will be found reproduced as Item No. 2, EXHIBITS-ILLUSTRATIONS, Hart Inquiry. These illustrations are bound together following the printed exhibits of the Hart Inquiry. [Not yet included in electronic version, LWJ])

Enclosure (B) to CINCPAC Serial 01820



1. Task Force Commanders are hereby authorized to reduce the operating time for individual units of their Forces in order to economize in fuel expenditures and minimize normal wear on ships.

2. The Task Force at sea will not be reduced below the following unless it is absolutely necessary.

           3 BB                 1 BB               4 CA
           1 CV                 1 CV               1 CV
           3 CL                 2 CA               4 DD
           8 DD                 8 DD         5 DMS (not to include
           2 DM                 2 DM           high-speed tows)

3. Units of a Task Force in Pearl Harbor during part of a scheduled operating period, (1) will retain their Task Force Organization, (2) will not assume upkeep status nor break down any machinery which cannot be restored in the time normally required to raise steam, and (3) in the event of an emergency sortie, will sortie at once, on order from the Senior Officer Present of that Task Force in port.

4. The Senior Commander of Task Forces ONE, TWO and THREE, in Pearl Harbor, shall issue an emergency sortie plan for the Task Forces in Pearl Harbor.