From: Manila (Nihro)
To: Tokyo
November 12, 1941


A report given me by a Japanese who resides in Camarines Norte [a] is follows:


1. In that area at the present time there does not seem to be many troops stationed. Only about 60 members of the Philippine Patrol organization, with headquarters in Daet, [b] are located in that area. Every day five or six of these patrolmen are dispatched as a relief unit to Paracale [c] and Jose Pangalliban. [d]


2. The Civil Airport at Paracale is not being used at the present time. Insofar as the military air field at Daet is concerned, though one or two military planes landed there during February of this year, from that time to this there has not been a single military mane alight on this field. As this field is located right on the beach, should it be necessary it is said that naval planes could land in the shipping lane just off the beach as well.


3. On the point of land, San Muricio, [e] north of Jose Panganiban it is rumored that they are equipping ----- with, ----- but this has not been verified. (I am continuing my secret investigations.)


4. Twelve or thirteen coastal reconnaissance planes were seen to have flown over the area within a period of three days. Toward the latter part of last year 13 American freighters are said to have entered the port of Panganiban. Since then almost on the average of once a week, American freighters sail from Batganas [f] to Hondagua. [g]

ARMY 25162                                          Trans. 11/24/41 (6)
[a] Province near southeastern extremity of Luzon.
[b] City on southeastern extremity of the Island of Luzon.
[c] Seaport in the province of Camarines Norte.
[d] English spelling. Cannot identify.
[e] English spelling. Point of land cannot be identified.
[f] Seaport in southwestern Luzon.
[g] Seaport on Lopez Bay off Lamon Bay.