[154] Communication Intelligence Summary, 16 November 1941
GENERAL.-Traffic volume approximately normal for week-end period. A new form of dispatch heading appeared in a series of dispatches broadcasted on the regular UTSU series. Only the originator or the address of the dispatch appeared; it is assumed that the other pertinent call or address may be buried n the text. These dispatches were with one exception (in 5 numeral text) all a the nine-Kana period separator system and the single call in the heading fitted in each case Line seven of the call garble table.
A dispatch was originated by the Navy Minister addressed to all Major Fleets and general addresses to this effect:
 "Today the House of Peers and House of Representatives by means of a decision adopted the following resolution transmitted as follows:
 1. Resolution of House of Peers-(Expressed deepest thanks and emotion to Army and Navy for their glorious service over a long period to the Empire and expressed condolences, etc., for those fallen in battle.
 2. Resolution of House of Representatives-Expressed thanks, etc., to all officers and men of Army, Navy and Air Force for their 4 1/2 years service (in China affair) and for their contribution to the establishment of a permanent world peace. Gave prayers for well being of all hands, etc. . ."
First and Second Fleets.-Majority of First and Second Fleet Units remain in the general Kure area. The units of these two fleets that have been most active from dispatch heading viewpoint in the last ten days appear to be:
 Airon Seven (3 Chitose class) Carrier Division Four Destroyer Squadron Seven Destroyer Squadron Three Battleship Division Three Cruiser Division Seven.
It is rather singular that the CinC. Second Fleet has assumed an important role in addressing for action several first fleet and other fleet units recently. In some of these dispatches the call identified as Southern Expeditionary Force (Indochina Force) appears. Associations of addresses in several dispatches have shown the Second and Third Fleets with the Combined Air Force and in other dispatches, there appears to be an association between First Fleet, Carrier Divisions and the Mandates. [155] It is apparent that Destroyer Squadron One has been or is operating with the Carrier Divisions and Battleship Division Three while Cruiser Division Seven and Destroyer Squadron Three have been operating together. Iwakuin [sic] Air sent short priority dispatch to the ATAGO, Second Fleet cruiser and submarine units indicating some joint minor exercises in that area.
Third Fleet.-Believed inactive in Sasebo-Kure area.
Fourth Fleet.-FUATU, a Tokyo address originated one UNI dispatch to an unidentified fleet unit (MEN 33), information to CinC. Combined Fleet, Communication Officer, Fourth Fleet, Saipan Base Force, Kure Movement Officer, CinC. Fifth Fleet, Tokyo Intelligence, and NEO 66, believed to be a shore based air activity in Chichijima-Marcus area.
Fifth Fleet.-Prior to the change of calls on 1 November, the composition of the Fifth Fleet was very indefinite but appeared to contain several naval auxiliary type vessels. Since 1 November, little has been recovered of the com-
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position of this mythical fleet but it is definite that some units are operating in the general Yokosuka Chichijima-Marcus.
Submarines.-Little activity. Communication Officer, Submarine Force originated one priority dispatch to unidentified address, information to Combined Fleet Communication Officer. Association of Submarine Force and Fourth Fleet Commands continues.