[157]    Communications Intelligence Summary, 18 November 1941
General.-Traffic volume a little under normal with receiving conditions  fair to poor. Tokyo originators active with several messages of general  address emanating from the Communication Section. The double originator  BUMIL, and N. G. S. sent one NIKAWIWI to the Chief of Staff Combined  Fleet for information to all First Class Naval Stations. BUMIL also  addressed all urgent dispatch to SAMA, information to R. N. O. TONIC,  Chief of Staff South China Fleet and Chief of Staff Combined Fleet.  Another Tokyo originator, believed to be N. G. S., sent an urgent  message to Chief of Staff Combined Fleet, Chief of Staff French Indo  China Force and Chief of Staff Second Fleet. MAIZURU Naval Station also  sent an urgent message to Chief of Staff Combined Fleet, Second Fleet,  Combined Air Force, French Indo China Force and for information to N. G.  S. The Tokyo Direction Finder plotting section sent three long   dispatches to the entire Direction Finder Net which was very active  today with many bearings reported. The Vice Chief Naval General Staff  sent one to Chief of Staff Carrier Divisions and Chief of Staff French  Indo China Force.
Combined Fleet.-CinC. Combined Fleet very prominent as both an  originator and addressee. Since this officer is always included in the  address of every important message, he will no longer be mentioned as an  addressee unless he is the only addressee. The association between the  CinC Second Fleet and the French Indo China Forces and Combined Air  Force is very plain. He was addressed by CinC. French Indo China Force  today in an urgent NIKA dispatch. Several units of the Combined Air  Force also addressed several dispatches to him. Battleship Division  Three the Carrier Divisions and two destroyer squadrons have been  associated in traffic. Several dispatches occurred today, being  addressed by N. G. S. and the Commander Carrier Divisions in several  instances. The CinC. Third Fleet also addressed several dispatches
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to him. These form the indication that CinC. Second Fleet will be in  command of a large Task Force comprising the Third Fleet, Combined Air  Force, some carrier divisions, and Battleship Division Three. No  movement from home waters has been noted.
Third Fleet.-The Commander Second Base Force originated what appears to  be a movement report. He also sent one to R. N. O. TAIHOKU, information  to CinC. Third Fleet. There were other units tentatively placed in Third  Fleet who sent dispatches in which the Tokyo movement report office was  an addressee. It is expected that the Third Fleet will move from the  Sasebo area in the near future. This Second Base Force was having quite  a bit of traffic with several Air Corps a while ago and may be  transporting air units or equipment.
Fourth Fleet.-Not much activity in this fleet. The amount of traffic  between this fleet and Palao is noticeable with the submarines still  interested in Jaluit.