[158]   Communication Intelligence Summary, 19 November 1941
General.-Traffic volume normal. Traffic from Fourth Fleet and Mandates  was noticeably less than usual. Traffic on the northern circuits also  very light. Some tactical traffic received from Combined Fleet units.  There was been a noticeable increase in the afloat traffic over the  normal amount usually seen. Fleet units seem to have a great deal of  business with other Fleet units both within and outside of their own  organization. Staff Officers are frequently addressed at other than  their normal locations. The activity at Tokyo has subsided somewhat in  that there were fewer general messages than for the past few days. Tokyo  Intelligence sent out several messages addressed to Second Fleet,  Submarine Force and Carrier Divisions. One was sent to SAMA for  information to French Indo China Forces and South China Fleet. The Navy  Minister sent out two AlNavs. The Direction Finder net is still active  with all stations sending in reports and Tokyo plotting station making  reports to major commanders.
Combined Fleet.-The flagship of Battleship Division Three appears today  at Sasebo, its southern jaunt apparently having been completed.  Destroyer Squadron Four and Two appear associated with the Third Fleet.  CinC Second Fleet continues his activity, being still associated with  Combined Air Force, French Indo China Force, Third Fleet, and today with  Carrier Division Three. Carrier Division Three was in Takao and returned  to the Empire a week ago and has been associated with Third Fleet since.  A Bako activity addressed the Chief of Staff Second Fleet, Third Fleet  and Combined Air Force. The Chief of Staff Second Fleet addressed an  urgent dispatch to CinC. French Indo China Fleet information to Third  Fleet and Commander Cruiser Division Five.
Third Fleet.-Active as noted above. Several more units of this fleet and  of the Base Forces originated movement reports but no indication of  direction. CinC. Third Fleet is still in Sasebo.
Fourth Fleet.-Activity in Mandates still centers about the Third Base  Defense Force at Palao. Traffic between this force, Tokyo and the Second  Fleet was considerable. One call (SITI 4) appeals at Jaluit today. This  call has been identified as Carrier Division Four and if the one message  is correct it appears that this Carrier Division (ZUIKAKU) is in the  Jaluit area. This is not confirmed as no other indications have been  found and its presence at Jaluit is doubted, attributing the message to  be a communication error.
Fifth Fleet.-Flagship located at Yokosuka. The CinC. Fifth Fleet  appeared in a few dispatches from Tokyo but no other activity seen.