[159]  Communication Intelligence Summary. 20-21 November 1941
General.-Traffic volume for past two days has been higher than normal.  Tokyo originators active with messages addressed to all major  commanders. N. G. S. sent a UNI WIWI to Commandant BAKO for information  to Chief of Staff South China Fleet and Canton. The Personnel Bureau at  Tokyo become very active on the 21st sending out a series of long  personnel messages. The activity at Tokyo identified as R. D. F.  plotting stations increased his recent high volume of messages with a  long four part message addressed to all major commanders. He also  addressed several dispatches to the Direction Finder net, indicating the  employment and results being obtained by this activity. The traffic load  on the Tokyo-Takao circuit was very heavy on the 21st, so heavy that be  circuit was in duplex operation most of the mid-watch.
Combined Fleet.-Flags of both First and Second Fleets are in Kure area  and most of both fleets remain in Kure-Sasebo area. Battleship Division  Three still in Yokosuka area. Traffic to and from the CinC. Second Fleet  continues abnormally high. A list of units addressed by him or who sent  traffic to him and CinC. Third Fleet over the past two days follows:
MIRA 9 (Carrier Division Three), ENO 7 (Unidentified), TAE 1 (Airron 7), AKU 8 (Air Unit), KAME 5 (Airron 6), KUSU 7 (Unidentified), YAWI (Crudiv 5), SATU 88 (Unidentified), KENU 3 (Crudiv 7), KUNI 88 (Unidentified), RESE 4 (Desron 3), OYU 9 (Unidentified), AKI 0 (Desron 4), KONA 0 (Unidentified), TIYA 7 (Comdr. 1st Base For), NOTU 6 (Unidentified), SASE 3 (Comdr. 2nd Base For), NETE 5 (Unidentified), YOMO 9 (Desron 5), NSI 3 (Unidentified), REA 2 (Shiogama Air Corps), SUTE 1 (Unidentified), KUNO 9 (Erimo), YAYU 1 (Unidentified), MIMO 3 (Air Unit ?), MARE 5 (Unidentified), TUE 7 (Unidentified), Plus 11 Marus.
This list is not the complete estimate of forces being assembled by him  but only the ones occurring in the past two days. Each one appeared not  only with the CinC. Second Fleet but with the Third Fleet and with one  of the units now in South China or Taiwan-South China Address. A  complete list is being made up but was not finished at this writing.  Assuming that the entire Second Fleet will be included in this  organization and that each unit addressed will either participate or  contribute somewhat to the Task Force it appears that it will comprise a  good portion of the navy. One item stands out-so far there has been  practically no submarine units mentioned by the Second or Third Fleets  in connection with South China activities. Commander Submarine Force has  not been included in traffic. He does appear in Tokyo Fourth Fleet and  Mandates traffic.