[162]   Communication Intelligence Summary, 23 November 1941
General.-Traffic volume normal. High precedence traffic has increased.  Some of the high precedence dispatch headings are listed:
1. MAYURU (Tokyo address) to HORONO MUSEKU (Collective Shore Information Chiefs of Staff Combined, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and Southern Expeditionary Force. Precedence NIKA-WIWI
2. Third Fleet Chief of Staff to Second Fleet Chief of Staff Information Combined and Southern Expeditionary Force Chief of Staff. NIKA
3. KESANA EONO (Tokyo) to Chiefs of Staff Third Fleet and Southern Expeditionary Force. Information "SANKUYUTI" at Sama Hainan. WIWI
4. SUIFITE 1 (Unidentified Fleet unit) to Radio Takao, Hainan, Flagship NWA 2, Information Tadio Tokyo and Second Fleet flagship. NIKA
5. Imakuni [sic] Air to Iwakuni Air Detachment at NAHA Information Kure, Bako, and MINO 3 in Takao. KIU
Personnel Tokyo also originated several priority dispatches to First  Fleet Third Fleet, and others. The following WE address was followed by  Sasebo Radio in the delivery of a personnel Bureau dispatch  "SAHOTI.RENGO.RI.SI." An unidentified fleet unit (SUTE 1) listed  recently in Kure appeared on radio circuit with Takao Radio. Also on  this circuit were the following:
KENU 3-CruDiv 7 Flagship?    
HOWI 2-Fleet unit associated with Second Fleet.     
EKE 8-Fleet unit associated with Second Fleet.     
MUSE 5-Naval Auxiliary associated with Second Fleet.
The above units received delivery of the long NIKA dispatch originated  by CinC Second Fleet on the 21st of November and which appeared to  outline the forces expected to operate in the Indo-China general area.  Combined Fleet.-CinC Combined was included, as always, in all exchange  of fleet commander traffic, but no important messages originated by him  were inter-
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cepted. First Fleet was very quiet. Second Fleet messages mentioned in  summaries of 22nd were still being circulated but Third Fleet appeared  as the most active unit in today's traffic. Indications are that Third  Fleet units are underway [163]  in a movement coordinated with the  Second Fleet, Combined Air Force and French Indo China Force. Commander  French Indo China Force (So. Exp. For.) was included in all important  traffic from Second, Third and Combined Air Commanders, Hainan  addressees were included in nearly all high precedence messages  concerning these forces and may indicate a rendezvous of forces in that  area. Palao appeared as an information addressee on a portion of the  traffic. Fourth Fleet activity involved Palao area on one end and  Marshalls on the other. With no means of substantiating the impression,  it is believed that more submarines are operating in, or from, the  Marshalls than it has been possible to definitely place from radio  interceptions. It is recalled that there was an exchange between Staff  Communication Officers of the Submarine Force and Fourth Fleet with  Jaluit included as either action or information around November 1st and  that Jaluit opened a direct circuit to Yokosuka early this month,  apparently to relieve traffic congestion from that area. Jaluit Radio  has been heard on various frequencies using and working with units using  tactical or secret type calls, while the main submarine frequency of  6385/12770 has been relatively inactive.
Air.-Combined Air Traffic remains associated with Taiwan area, while the  Mandate Air units continue high level of activity, covering the whole  Mandate area. Carrier Divisions were relatively quiet, but with Carrier  Division Three definitely associated with Second Fleet operations.
China-CinC. China and South China not included with the Second, Third  Air Force and Southern Expeditionary Force traffic and were quiet.  Bearings from Cavite and Guam place CinC. South China east of Taiwan,  but this is believed questionable.
Nothing was seen to contradict impressions gathered during the past few  days and summarized previously, that movement of forces is either  imminent or actually underway, at least in part, to the southward, with  covering forces operating from the Mandates, and possibility of a  striking force assembled or gathering in the Palao area.