From: Bangkok
To: Tokyo
25 November 1941
#849 (In 2 parts, complete)


In the event of the Empire's taking decisive action in a southward advance, it will of course be necessary in the exercise of a belligerent's rights to make clear the relations of sovereign and subjects. On the one hand it will be absolutely necessary to bring Thai into our camp. My conversation with Pibul as reported in my #834* was undertaken with this as the underlying motive. If and when Japan at last does make her proposals of joint defense, the following three points should be made especially definite, and Thai should be led to voluntarily take an attitude of cooperation with us.


(1) In the event of an attack upon Burma and Malay, there would of course be a temporary infringement upon the territorial sovereignty of Thailand, but after our objectives have been attained, restoration would immediately be made, and the independence of Thai would be respected even more than at present while Thai is maintaining neutrality.


(2) In case she cooperates in a positive way with Japan, full assurances will be given that Thailand's swamp lands will be reclaimed  in the areas concerned.


(3) In the event of Thai's assets in England being frozen great fluctuation would result in the value of Thai's money, but Japan would make available sufficient funds to create a foundation for a yen "bloc" money system, and also give every consideration to providing petroleum and other essential commodities.


To summarize: By cooperating with Japan the racial longings of Thailand will be realized, and with indivisible relations with Japan her existence as an independent nation will be strengthened . . . (three lines missed) . . . stop with as simple a . . . as possible to the effect that "will cooperate in every way for the realization of the objectives of East Asia co-prosperity and stability", while the particulars as necessity may require will be put into a secret treaty . . .


Furthermore, in the light of Japan's basic national policy which has for its purpose the establishment of an East Asia co-prosperity sphere, and the emancipation of the Asiatic peoples, it goes without saying that Thailand's sovereignty must not be impaired beyond the minimum limits of necessity, and that her standing as an independent nation must be maintained to the very last; while strictest military discipline must be used to reassure the Thai populace and strict control should by all means be exercised over any attempts at profiteering.

Have sent by the hand of Consul General Asada who has returned to Japan, but to make doubly sure I am also cabling it to you.

JD-1:6844                                (F) Navy Trans. 11-27-41 (S-TT)
*Available, dated 21 November.